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QuirksMode; opposing Eolas

Note: when streetcar tracks are wet and you are passing over them on a diagonal on a fast-moving bicycle, do so carefully.

Peter-Paul Koch’s personal site has always been a wealth of information for anyone needing a detailed explanation of how different browsers treat JavaScript and CSS. But now that site is dead, and he’s replaced it with something new: QuirksMode.

This new site has more than 150 pages of “technical information about common and not so common browser incompatibility problems”and has many updates, including the W3C DOM compatibility tables.

Bookmark it. You’ll need it sooner that you may think.

The W3C, through Tim Berners-Lee, eloquently argues against the Eolas patent (a.k.a., U.S. Patent No. 5,838,906) for reason the Web development community is well aware of (via larsholst.info/blog).

To add to the absurdity of the situation, read Perry Pei-Yuan Wei’s problems he had demonstrating prior art exisited. (Wei developed the first Web browser to allow embedded objects, ViolaWWW, back in Decemer 1992. Viola also featured many technologies other browsers took years to support: style sheets, sidebar panels, link toolbar, client-side scripting, and “dynamic HTML.”)