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Outliner menus; CBC.ca excellence

Over the past few weeks, a number of people have commented on the outliner-style navigation menu most of you see at the left. I told a couple of them I was considering releasing the script for it to the public.

Coincidentally, evolt.org just published an article explaining how to create this kind of outliner. I may still release my scripts, but Chris Heilmann’s version is compact, simple, and available now.

CBC.ca has done it again. The country’s public broadcaster, who is often criticized for behind the times, is one of the only media outlets in this country who is successfully pulling off convergence on the journalism-side.

(The Globe and Mail/CTV version has done a package on the story, too. You’ll notice some similarities in content, if not execution. There seems to be nothing from the National Post/Global/canada.com, though.)

The CBC’s latest example is a seven-day feature on health care — timed for the release of the Romanow Report. All three “arms” (radio, TV, and online) are producing original content for it, while archival material fleshes out the historical context. The beautifully designed Web site (including some amazing Flash work) ties the different media together in an exceptionally informative package.

This, folks, is what it should be about.