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November 2001’s Posts.

  1. Hechtman a hostage; Kandahar; reputation managers; writing well

    Bunch of stuff today that has been collecting over the past few days:

  2. DOM nightmares

    Lately I’ve been remembering my dreams more than usual, and those who’ve seen Waking Life will understand the following a bit better. Mostly they've been lucid dreams—I know I’m dreaming even as I dream. Problem is I actually want to enjoy my dreams but my (sub?)conscious keeps pulling me out of them.

  3. Get Opera 6 beta and Mozilla 0.9.6

    Normally, I wholeheartedly recommend downloading the latest versions of browsers, but in two recent cases I can’t.

  4. First impressions

    A reminder as to how meanigful first impressions can be.

  5. November 17, 2001

    Updated the About section to include information on syndicating the site, PDA-friendly pages, and an archive of the site news

  6. Enjoying Neo-Citron while building civilizations

    Been quiet due to a (for me) rare cold that hit on my first real long weekend in a long while. One advantage with being doped-up on Neo-Citron at home is wasting time building civilizations. For some more interesting reading, go to the first big event from Independents Day.

  7. Becoming Human

    One of my colleagues at the Ontario Science Centre pointed me to this outstanding Flash-powered documentary on human origins. Narrated by the man who found “Lucy”, Don Johanson, the work is an incredible example of hypermedia’s potential.

  8. November 7, 2001

    For some reason, the browser identification system I’ve been using successfully for over three years is no longer working. Still tracking down the reason, but until it’s fixed, you be seeing the old-look site (and a notification encouraging you to upgrade your browser) even if you have the latest browser

  9. Content management systems

    In anticipation of this site’s switch from an Apache-powered server to an ASP-based one, I’ve been doing experimentation with building a simple content management system. And, in the Net’s typically serendipitous way, an excellent article detailing Salon’s CMS came to my attention via evolt.org’s thelist.

  10. Saturday Night, alive

    The National Post is reporting that the paper’s former weekend insert (and Canadian institution), Saturday Night will return from the dead. The magazine will publish on a more rational scehdule of six times a year, thanks to a new deal reached by CanWest and Multi-Vision Publishing Inc.

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