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Online media matters


August 17, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Klymkiw leaving CBC

    Slawko Klymkiw, the man behind much of the innovative features on CBC is leaving said Mother Corp.

  2. Why doesn’t Internet Explorer add a table using appendChild?

    Adding a table using the DOM is relatively easy — all you need to do is dynamically create the needed TD (and/or TH), TR, TBODY (and/or TFOOT and/or THEAD), and TABLE nodes using createElement. The you add each child to its parent using appendChild.

  3. Design In-Flight: Web edition

    In its previous incarnation, Design In-Flight was a subscription-based PDF magazine. Now it’s been freed into a Web-friendly format.

  4. TTC stations on Google Maps

    Ian Stevens puts Toronto’s subway stations on Google Maps.

  5. New JavaScript Array methods

    Gecko 1.8 will provide Firefox’ JavaScript engine with a bunch of new, and helpful, methods for the Array object.

  6. Blatchford profile

    The Eyeopener has a rare, in-depth profile of fellow alumni, Christie Blatchford.

  7. efrank.ca design?

    Allegedly, this design (which looks to be very graphic or Flash heavy) shows what the online version of Frank will look like.

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