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Some HTML Posts.

  1. Borked Unicode

    Joe Clark offers advice on producing (typographically) clean copy - too bad CMS don't play nice 

  2. WaSP vs. W3C

    The WaSP speaks up about the creation of the HTML5 logo and branding campaign

  3. Shadow DOM

    Playing with some dark magic to manipulate the unmanipulatable aspects of a web page

  4. Finalized HTML5 in 2011

    The W3C is pushing to have HTML5's last call happen before the summer of 2011 

  5. Scribd in HTML5

    Impressive demo could help improve discoverability and accessibility of uploaded documents

  6. Video in HTML5

    Excellent, and very long, tutorial on a still (to me) questionable element (imagine the equivalent for img)

  7. How to render video and audio

    In-depth article on working with HTML5 to get video and audio elements working in a page

  8. Allowed rel values

    HTML 5 limits the values for the rel attributes to certain values

  9. Good HTML 5 and CSS 3 tutorial

    A good step-by-step for mimicking the Webkit Sticky Notes demo

  10. The HTML5 Super Friends

    Some smart standardistas want to help polish HTML5

  11. Cross-browser HTML5 audio

    A jQuery plugin (called jPlayer) enables broader support for embedded audio

  12. Limiting HTML5 feeback

    HTML5 WG is "run by tech geeks...And to a geek...the way to filter input is to use technology as a barrier"

  13. Making sense of HTML5

    Zeldman valiantly tries again to refocus the HTML5 debates around standrds

  14. Value added news

    HNews is a new microformat for marking up news articles

  15. Parsing HTML5

    An HTML5 parsing engine is now available in nightly Firefox builds

  16. HTML5 Doctor

    A Dr. Web for the new generation of Web standards

  17. Embedded video everywhere

    Kroc Camen has developed a script to enable HTML5's video in any browser

  18. The trouble with video

    HTML5 offers the promise of embedded video, but the reality may not match

  19. Google pushing HTML5

    Sees the Web-app friendly direction as the way forward

  20. Past-proof HTML

    HTML5 may not provide the information historians need to tell our stories

  21. Skewing images with JavaScript

    A clever script to do projective transformations of Web-based images using canvas and JavaScript

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