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March 2010’s Posts.

  1. The promise of the iPad

    Apple's latest device provides tremendous design promise in comparison to the Web, but the price may be too high.

  2. IE5 Mac at 10 years

    The most influential browser since Mosaic, IE5 Mac set the standard for today's modern browsers

  3. Rent or own typefaces

    Good discussion in the comment thread about the best ways to distribute fonts on the Web

  4. TAO of journalism

    Proposed seal to highlight journalism that is transparent, accountable, and open

  5. Video in HTML5

    Excellent, and very long, tutorial on a still (to me) questionable element (imagine the equivalent for img)

  6. There's a new favourite screen in house

    Canadians (and North Americans) are spending more time in online than sitting in front of the TV

  7. Redesigning online video

    Online video is starting to free itself from the television metaphor

  8. Haven’t heard that before

    So, as HTML 5 begins to spread beyond the academic discussion phase, and into the fringes of the Web design community, an all too typical culture clash has once again emerged. The perfectionists and pragmatists are publicly at it again.

  9. Paul Ford's return to the Web

    The man who inspired an entire online style, returns to the landscape from Harper's

  10. Spin on Google Books

    Every issue of Bob Guccione Jr.'s Rolling Stone competitor scanned and available online

  11. A CSS typeface named Curtis

    Built of spans, the design is reminiscent of a bold, Art Deco-style display face

  12. "Turtle storm"

    Hnady new term for sluggish and slow moving days; also works for boring meetings

  13. IE9 preview available

    Quick tests of new browser seem to put it almost on par with the latest Firefox and Safari releases

  14. Toronto neighbourhood poster

    Finally, Ork Posters tacles Hogtown

  15. The art, science and technology of reading

    Presentation deflates many myths about reading onscreen

  16. How media outlets mimic tech companies

    Focus is on NYTimes and CNN efforts to stay ahead of the curve (anecdotes apply to msnbc.com, too)

  17. iPhone a recreation phone

    Usage data suggest the iPhone apps are used most during the evenings

  18. Canada cuts public Internet access

    Libraries and community groups lose funding for free, public access (aside: I remember scrumming with Bill Gates when program first began)

  19. State of the Media for 2010

    Cuts to traditional news-gathering outlets may also be hurting loyalty to the online brands

  20. Microsoft loves the iPhone

    Or at least its employees do, despite the poor phone reception in a lot of the buildings

  21. Rushkoff's 10 Commandments

    Suggestions for being aware of the biases of digital media, reminiscent of Technorealism's ideas

  22. Designing for the Web: the book

    Read Mark Boulton's book online for free, or buy a downloadable PDF

  23. A Safari adventure

    With the exception of a few years when Internet Explorer was actually the more standard-compliant browser, I’ve always surfed the Web with a Netscape-originated browser. I supported Mozilla when it was still struggling to make something even approaching a usable browser. My name was one of thousands to be found in a New York Times ad announcing Firefox’s debut. I have friends that work with Mozilla.

  24. Reporting the Internet

    Reuters offers some good advice for its journalist as they work with and on the Internet

  25. How to render video and audio

    In-depth article on working with HTML5 to get video and audio elements working in a page

  26. Mad Men meet Barbie

    "I'm going to be the organization man, and she's going to be the soulless drone"

  27. CSS3 Please!

    A simple one-page site offering an easy way to remember the vendor prefixes for your favourite CSS3 features

  28. The golden flush

    A dramatic illustration of how synchronized Canadian bathroom breaks were during the Canada vs. USA Olympic gold medal hockey game

  29. Books in the iPad age

    The emergence of the iPad suggests new guidelines about what should actually be printed in book form

  30. iPad application design

    Interpreting iPad design conventions, with a focus on UI elements

  31. Movies and graphic design

    Seattle’s ByDesign series features films by Charles and Ray Eames and some of the best designed title sequences

  32. Web design post-mortem

    Insightful, honest, and incredibly detailled review of the process that created the new MIX site

  33. CSS cleaner

    An IE8-only tool that helps identify unused CSS rules

  34. Iterative design repairs

    The Atlantic launched a massive redesign, then promptly refined it after vocal audience reaction

  35. Schrödinger’s press

    Working in the media during revolutionary times is an interesting experience. You’re at once aware of the changing landscape, and because of the need to report on it from a stable perspective, you’re unable to really participate.

  36. Publishing's revolutionary future

    Jason Epstein's essay on the future of books is one of the most informed you'll read

  37. How Americans get their news

    Most get the from off- and online sources, with the Internet the third most-popular news platform

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