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Some User Interface Posts.

  1. VRML 2.0

    A high-end conceptual web design using CSS (and some JavaScript) to create a 3D UI

  2. IE9's new look

    The next version of Internet Explorer may launch on September 15th with a minimal interface

  3. Firefox heatmap


  4. Touch reference guide

    A comprehensive blueprint defining the de facto UI conventions for touch devices like the iPhone and Surface

  5. iPad application design

    Interpreting iPad design conventions, with a focus on UI elements

  6. iPad GUI templates

    A PSD containing all the UI elements needed to mock-up a iPad design

  7. iPad interactions

    Some of the interaction gestures availble on the iPad

  8. Five years of infosthetics

    Great use of elastics lists to create a interactive archive

  9. Google's Fast Flip

    The mobile version shines on the iPhone, where the desktop version feels awkward

  10. Design pattern collection

    A Flicker-based collection of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows

  11. We Love Typography

    FFFound for type, with a great search UI

  12. Designing Web Interfaces' photostream

    A huge collection of Web interfaces used as support for an O'Reilly book

  13. Pushing the news UI

    A critique of GlobalPost turns into an examination of future potential

  14. Adding the fourth dimension

    Zoetrope concept demonstrates how to browse the past online in very rich ways

  15. The beginning of it all

    How you do what you are doing right this instant was inspired by a demo 40 years ago

  16. Ubiquity in depth

    Examining the interface of "Quicksilver for the browser"

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