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March 2009’s Posts.

  1. Huffington Post steps up

    Seeds an Investigative reporting fund with $1.75 million - this is a good sign

  2. Reflow and repaint performance issues

    General overview on some client-side things that slow a Web page

  3. Web typography

    Good resource site from a SXSW 2009 panel

  4. Capitol Hill bus map

    Modelled on London's transit maps, this bus map shows the routes centred on one of Seattle neighbourhoods

  5. The Strange Final Days Of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    As experienced by a former reporter

  6. Drug testing reporters

    The final indignity against Seattle P-I reporters? They now have to pass a drug test to stay employed

  7. Exploring MoMA online

    The Museum of Modern Art relaunched with a compelling new design

  8. Grid overlay

    A simple mac-based tool for refining grid based layouts

  9. Proposing a new global currency

    China wants the IMF "SDR" unit to replace the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency (let the conspiracy theories begin)

  10. Scandinavian news sites protest IE6

    Danish and Norwegian media sites are campaigning their users to use any browser but IE6

  11. Bowman leaves Google

    In his goodbye post, Doug Bowman articulates the perils of designing for a big company

  12. SuperPreview

    Stupidly literal name, cool tool: allows you to overlay different renders of a Web page

  13. Micrsoft releases Internet Explorer 8

    This very good browser does a lot of contortions to not offend anyone, and almost succeeds

  14. No more newspapers

    Watching the newspapers collapse and grasp the new media dream a decade too late has been sobering.

  15. March 17, 2009 - the end of the P-I

    The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the city's oldest business, will roll off the presses for the last time St. Patrick's Day

  16. Newspapers: a revolutionary victim

    Clay Shirky writes one of the most insightful essays on the what is really happening to newspapers and what we mean when we want to save them.

  17. Site Compatibility and IE8

    Otherwise known as what fixing your site's bad habits

  18. The Web at 20

    Twenty years ago today Tim-Berners Lee submitted the proposal that would become the World Wide Web

  19. 51% design

    What if you started with an idea but only designed 51% of its potential before letting it loose?

  20. Hometown newspapers no more

    City newspapers may, for all practical purposes, disappear in the U.S. by year's end

  21. Joys of being Gen X

    This inspired a sarcastic tweet from me a little ways back...

  22. CSS selectors and page performance

    Turns out, in real world tests, CSS selectors don't effect the rendering time of Web pages

  23. Guardian frees its content

    Simon Willison explains more about the Guardian Open Platform's APIs and the content available

  24. 10 at-risk U.S. newspapers

    Time's list of newspapers possibly following the path of Rocky Mountain News or the Seattle P-I

  25. Digital Web done

    One of the longest-running publications about Web design and development has ceased publication

  26. Happy birthday Toronto

    For the city's 175th birthday, Spacing donates 175 iconic pictures to the city archives

  27. Seattle P-I going online only

    Some staff members of the newspaper were offered a chance at continued employment in an online edition

  28. Hearst tries to figure out the pay-wall

    Having been on the ground for practical discussions of the same issues years ago, I'm amazed how many lessons have not been learned

  29. The first sketches of history

    Great summary of all the different experiments in visualizing the words news is literally made of

  30. Toronto then & now images

    Love how little Ossington and Arglye have changed in 50 years

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