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2009’s Posts.

  1. TMZ.com as the future

    Convincing argument that the gossip site points to the future of news sites

  2. Stop the Presses stops

    Likely the last column by one of the first and best commentators about newspapers and the Internet

  3. The origins of Santa Claus

    Great history on the creation of the icon in the red suit

  4. Best words of the decade

    Picks from the Guardian's Books blog

  5. Five years of infosthetics

    Great use of elastics lists to create a interactive archive

  6. Trained toasters

    Advertising cutting edge technology circa 1936

  7. Portraits of world leaders

    The New Yorker has a stunning set of portraits taken by Platon

  8. Accessible Web video

    For a medium that was designed to share scientific papers, the Web does a good job at delivering video to mass audiences. For the past months, msnbc.com has been building an entirely new way to share that video to its audiences.

  9. Recovering from the unrecoverable

    Did you get an unexpected signal 10 from VMFusion that prevented starting a suspended version of Windows? Try this

  10. Reuters redesigns

    Huge new redesign of Reuters.com offers a lot of nice details

  11. Google Wave and Washington police shooting

    Seattle Times has a public wave going on the manhunt - crashed my browser

  12. Twitter and Washington police shooting

    Breaking local news happens, Twitter responds - this is how I've been following the story 2100 miles away

  13. California City

    "In the desert 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles is a suburb abandoned in advance of itself"

  14. Driving from Toronto to Vancouver in 3 minutes

    Amazing time lapse of a 45 hour cross-country drive

  15. 9/11 pager messages

    Incredible snapshot of one of the most important days in modern history

  16. PBS Objectified

    The Independent Lens series airs an abbreviated version of the industrial design documentary on Nov. 24

  17. Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen

    The original hipster, as captured in a 1965 NFB documentary

  18. Web Font Specimen

    Build your own reference library for Web typefaces

  19. Visualizing war

    Using visualizations to help understand who is fighting and dying in Afghanistan

  20. IE9 preview

    Rounded corners, CSS3 selectors, greatly improved performance

  21. Notes from Canux 2009

    Bryce Johnson collection of 200 tweets from the conference

  22. Ligature, Loop & Stem

    Limited edition typography products beautifully designed

  23. Lunascape

    One browser with three rendering engines means you can quickly check how page looks in IE, Firefox, and Safari

  24. Seattle P-I aftermath

    Seven months, most laid-off journalists are making less in very different roles

  25. Online news growth visualized

    Nicholas Felton to charts 13 years of CNN.com

  26. The fall of the Wall

    Doug Saunders, and others, look at how the fall of the Berlin Wall affected Europe

  27. Pictures of you(th)

    Pictures from a cultural moment that is definitively gone...grunge

  28. Separating the business from journalism

    Worth remembering: "Journalism at its best is a practice, not an industry"

  29. Another view of the new CBC

    The relaunch highlights the new unified assignment desk, argues a former CBC-er

  30. How we got a visual Web

    An early discussion about loading pictures on Web pages reveals how some things never change

  31. Simple Desktops

    Tom Watson collects desktops backgrounds for the minimalist

  32. Visualizing cell size

    Effectively simple, powers of ten style diagram of the scale microscopic objects

  33. Open letter to the CBC about the news relaunch

    This letter was sent in response to CBC’s relaunch of its news offerings and relates directly to the changes to The National.

  34. Interactive sketching notation

    How to sketch out event-based user actions

  35. Allowed rel values

    HTML 5 limits the values for the rel attributes to certain values

  36. National Post risks closure

    Conrad Black's dream reduced to being a pawn in bankruptcy negotiations

  37. Making online premium ads possible

    Scaling a premium experience could bring much value for online publishers

  38. Mapping bike routes

    Ride the City maps the best or safest route from point A to B

  39. CBC's The National redesigns

    New site appears in the hours before the revamped newscast

  40. 1984 Macintosh review

    "Any files that you have created are also graphically depicted on your electronic 'desk top.'"

  41. What really brought down the Eastern Bloc

    Hint - it wasn't Reagan or "people power"

  42. Toronto's Ossington experiment

    The bar and restaurant restrictions could be extended city-wide

  43. New CNN.com design

    The look follows the trend of featuring more inline media

  44. Impressive CSS typography controls

    Mozilla is exploring some new rules to expose type-specific features in CSS

  45. CBC revamps news again

    Features a build-your-own online version of The National and a familiar abbreviation

  46. Canada abandons net neutrality

    Canadian ISPs allowed to shape traffic if they tell customers about it

  47. Apple to patent CSS animation effects

    Not cool at all.

  48. Typotheque Web Font Service

    Type foundry unveils a well-rounded collection of Web fonts for use with @font-face

  49. Protovis

    Create impressive data visualizations with this open-source JavaScript library

  50. Transit app building workshop

    Seattle's agency wants to make it easier to develop apps using its transit data, unlike other transit agency (TTC, for example)

  51. Grouping mobile apps

    An intelligent way to start classifying mobile (read: iPhone) apps

  52. Good HTML 5 and CSS 3 tutorial

    A good step-by-step for mimicking the Webkit Sticky Notes demo

  53. A/B testing headlines

    Now writers can enjoy the benefits of market-driven intelligence

  54. Bladeless fan

    Dyson finds inspiration in a hair dryer to reinvent the fan

  55. IAs pitch to Tages-Anzeiger

    The UX design agency shares its entire proposal to redesign the renowned Swiss newspaper

  56. Boing Boing readers and @font-face

    Webmonkey explains why the reaction to Boing Boing's redesign may have been more severe than it could have been

  57. Photoshop for the iPhone

    Really. (Of course, the feature set is scaled down just a bit)

  58. Font embedding 101

    How to get nice type on Web pages with only some pain

  59. Repositioning the news

    Something is in the air on the second day of National Newspaper Week, as two major Canadian media sites redesigned along with one American blog. Meanwhile, the Economist thickened its pay-wall and Canwest is seeking bankruptcy protection.

  60. iPhone choice for Canadians

    Three Canadian companies, up from one, could be offering iPhones; does this mean AT&T's monopoly is next to fall

  61. Look inside first

    If you move get beyond his characteristic pique, Joe Clark makes important points about the insecurities within the Canadian media-verse

  62. Flash apps on the iPhone

    Adobe one-ups Apple by creating a way to automatically convert Flash apps into native iPhone apps

  63. Making the free model work

    Some advice on building a successful business publishing online content free

  64. Building iPhone apps with Web standards

    A Web-based O'Reilly reference for developers of the mobile Web

  65. Owning the design

    A lengthy rant about how collaboration can destroy the very design process its intended to help

  66. Canadian fascists in 1938

    Google Books makes available an early Life article exposing racists in pre-WWII Canada

  67. Patterns for the colour blind

    Colour patterns for infographics and other visualizations

  68. Optimizing JavaScript rendering time

    Gmail for Mobile hides the scripts in a comment blocks to speed startup

  69. Spelling Gadhfi

    The name of Libya's leader has 32 spelling variants

  70. Newspaper wins Emmy for online effort

    The Globe and Mail's exceptional Talking to the Taliban wins yet another

  71. Julie Doiron wins NxEW's Shadow Polaris Poll

    My one-time house guest's latest album, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, is picked as the NxEW's readers favourite

  72. hulu.cbc.ca

    The case for CBC bringing Hulu to Canada

  73. Preserving a free and open Internet

    Momentous... the U.S. government has pledged that every citizen has access to open and robust broadband

  74. Happy birthday, New York Times

    The front page from the first edition, printed 158 years ago today

  75. Toronto wants Canadian English

    City Hall asks for software that spells councillor with two "l"s, for example

  76. Everything you wanted to know about A/B testing

    But were afraid to ask (answered in the form of 114 slides)

  77. Canadian Online Publishing Awards

    Finalist announced in 20 categories

  78. Google's Fast Flip

    The mobile version shines on the iPhone, where the desktop version feels awkward

  79. Excellent advice online magazines

    Joe Clark shares some thoughts that publications would be smart to follow

  80. The down and dirty revolution

    Good post on how journalism (and other corporate enterprise) could benefit from getting a little messier

  81. W3C on open goverment data

    The people behind the Web standards offer some best practices for governments looking to open their data

  82. Ready to pay the price

    Advertisers and readers may finally be ready to see the online medium as a place worthy of paying for.

  83. The HTML5 Super Friends

    Some smart standardistas want to help polish HTML5

  84. MSN and Sympatico breakup

    The Canadian mega portal partners are going there separate ways

  85. Yelp augments reality

    The term will wear out faster than the coolness of the feature

  86. …And the Kitchen Sink

    Scott Boms' all-in-one Web development environment is now Snow Leopard ready

  87. Geek's guide to Seattle

    Microsoft and Amazon landmarks are amongst the locations highlighted

  88. An end to movements

    Douglas Rushkoff argues mass media has defeated mass protests

  89. Making the NPR iPhone app

    Good description on the making of a great news app for the iPhone

  90. EveryBlock joins msnbc.com

    Very pleased to finally be working with Adrian Holovaty

  91. More than a wire service

    The Canadian Press tries to survive obscurity by offering page layout and editing services to newspapers

  92. What's in a name?

    For some nostalgia-blinded members of the left a name change for the NDP is sacrilegious

  93. Design pattern collection

    A Flicker-based collection of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows

  94. Seattle as a one-newspaper town

    A look at the news business in Seattle, nearly six months after the P-I, stopped printing

  95. The Globe's new editorial team

    John Stackhouse unveils his new, flatter, editorial management team

  96. IEBlog on IE6

    Reading between the lines, the official browser blog asks people to stop using IE6

  97. Article page design

    How msnbc.com's new story design can help advertising (based on an interview eMedia Vitals did with me)

  98. Enterprising online journalism

    NYTimes profiles msnbc.com's efforts in Elkhart (note: I work for msnbc.com)

  99. Rupert Murdoch to charge for news sites

    Wants a "a company-wide effort to establish a new economic model to profitably transition [News Corp.'s] print properties to digital"

  100. Yahoo's development tools at risk?

    The Microsoft-Yahoo deal creates questions about relying on closed-source tools

  101. Seattlepi.com redesigns

    And by doing so, fixes the biggest problems with the former newspaper web site

  102. TED's design talks

    Some of the best design talks from TED Global 2009

  103. Sabotaging the local news

    An insider describes how CBC's new local news program is designed to fail

  104. A CN Tower-less Toronto

    Removing the iconic tower changes more than the skyline

  105. Cross-browser HTML5 audio

    A jQuery plugin (called jPlayer) enables broader support for embedded audio

  106. NYTimes.com subscription idea

    Steve Outing has an interesting twist on the typical pay-to-read model

  107. The Developer Evangelist Handbook

    Interesting how-to on promoting ones company to other developers

  108. Limiting HTML5 feeback

    HTML5 WG is "run by tech geeks...And to a geek...the way to filter input is to use technology as a barrier"

  109. 100 years of design

    Dozens of manifestos from some of the century's leading design thinkers

  110. Resurrecting the afternoon paper

    The free daily (called t.o.night) will have the day's actual news

  111. Rebranding Tim Hortons

    Hearing it described as a "coffee & bake shop" sounds off, even if accurate

  112. AnythingZoomer

    Clever little jQuery plugin for magnifying images and text

  113. Nice Web Type

    Some stunning examples of what's possible with real type on the web

  114. Push again: pushbutton web

    Anil Dash examines the new generation push technologies that can actually scale

  115. Secretly Starbucks

    Manufacturing local charm with a purposefully rustic renovation and name: 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea

  116. Two big hires at the Globe and Mail

    Kenny Yum returns as the site's editor, Anjali Kapoor becomes the ME of digital

  117. Web-friendly fonts, take 2

    An XML-based licensing standard (.webfont) has been proposed as a way to embed typefaces

  118. USA Today's News Deck

    Not sure I really understand the point of this other than to experiment with some JavaScript effects

  119. 3D CSS Transforms

    Some stunning WebKit-only visual effects previously only possible in Flash

  120. Everything you didn't know about tech and media

    Or at least 25 bits of trivia

  121. Web-friendly OpenType fonts

    The Font Bureau proposes a way to legally distribute fonts for Web use

  122. Making sense of HTML5

    Zeldman valiantly tries again to refocus the HTML5 debates around standrds

  123. We choose the Moon

    An amazing, real-time recreation of the the Apollo 11 mission online

  124. Improving "Missing cat" posters

    A brilliant guerrilla typography project to beautify the streets

  125. Ethics, blogging, the Star

    My former colleague (Kathy English) has lambasted a skilled columnist (Antonia Zerbisias) for writing about a protest of a protest

  126. Desgin principles

    Well defined design principles can define the experience without prescribing it

  127. Data and journalism

    Overview on how the wealth of data available now can revitalize journalism

  128. Assessing the Globe changes

    Maclean's has an in-depth feature about the recent changes at The Globe and Mail

  129. Reuters' Handbook of Journalism

    The news service has posted its core journalistic principles online

  130. Value added news

    HNews is a new microformat for marking up news articles

  131. This Movie is Broken

    If you're in Toronto this July, help Broken Social Scene and Bruce McDonald make a movie

  132. iPhone-style password fields

    A jQuery plug-in that obscures all but the last character in a password field

  133. Parsing HTML5

    An HTML5 parsing engine is now available in nightly Firefox builds

  134. HTML5 Doctor

    A Dr. Web for the new generation of Web standards

  135. Polaris 2009 shortlist

    Given the prizes intention, this year's list seems strangely disappointing despite the quality of the acts selected

  136. Martin Streek reported dead

    The iconic DJ, recently fired from Toronto's CFNY / Edge 102 radio station after 20 years, has apparently died

  137. The death of IE6 (and 7)

    In 2010, 90 per cent of the Web could be surfing with standards-compliant browsers

  138. Mediaite from the inside

    Rex Sorgatz explains the the design concepts behind the media gossip site

  139. No strike at the Globe

    The Globe and Mail has reached a tentative deal with its employees, averting a strike

  140. Modernizr

    A JavaScript solution for detecting CSS3 support in browsers

  141. Embedded video everywhere

    Kroc Camen has developed a script to enable HTML5's video in any browser

  142. With glowing hearts

    A run-down of the best Canadian music for Canada Day 2009.

  143. The trouble with video

    HTML5 offers the promise of embedded video, but the reality may not match

  144. EveryBlock source code released

    This is a huge milestone for the company, the Knight Foundation, and online journalism

  145. New online ad units

    Remember when I said the banner ad was dead, well, prepare for the new ads

  146. Lebowski Fest Seattle

    July 20: an outdoor screening of the movie; July 21: bowling

  147. 50 reasons to love my hometown

    Or: why Toronto rocks

  148. The Globe and Mail faces strike

    A note from the publisher of Canada's national newspaper on a potential June 30 strike by the paper's employees

  149. Death and news

    Every time I post about a celebrity death in this blog, I think about how its title could be badly misconstrued. Nevertheless…

  150. Chase erases the user experience

    The user-friendly experience that attracted customers like me to WaMu is being lost

  151. Newspapers weren't always boring

    Great post fleshing out my favourite analogy: early newspapers vs. online news sites

  152. How to do crowd-sourced journalism

    Simon Willison details what was involved in Guardian's expense investigation

  153. How to do crowd-sourced journalism

    Simon Willison details what was involved in Guardian's expense investigation

  154. Garbage cam

    A garbage can in my former neighbourhood's parkette is now a barometer for the Toronto civic workers' strike

  155. Infinite Summer

    Or, A Sublimely Fun Read I'll Likely Do Again

  156. Presenting the new news

    An aggregated page tracking #IranElection acts as a living prototype of the next online news sites

  157. leerichmond.org

    Finally, a functional site for Lee Richmond (thanks Tumblr!)

  158. Oprah likes Niedzviecki

    Toronto writer (and former zine-maker and neighbour) Hal Niedzviecki has his The Peep Diaries made as one of Oprah's book picks

  159. Opera Unite

    Essentially, Opera 10 comes with it's own server for sharing files, pictures and content from your computer across the Web

  160. CSS3 features now

    Thirteen features already implemented by more than one browser

  161. Canada's best music for 2009

    The Polaris 2009 long list has been announced

  162. The National through the decades

    Seven clips featuring the intros to CBC's national news show during the past 30 years

  163. Tiananmen Square, 20 years ago

    A photograph of an iconic moment from a new perspective should remind us the full story has still not been told

  164. Monotype permits Web use of typefaces

    For non-commercial use (does that cover blogs with ads?) in the Embedded OpenType format (IE-only)

  165. Typekit

    A new platform for managing web-only font linking licenses

  166. The new socialism is online

    Kevin Kelly analyzes the digital evolution of collectivism

  167. Google pushing HTML5

    Sees the Web-app friendly direction as the way forward

  168. CSS-based gradients

    A handy tool for generating Webkit-supported background gradients

  169. Must read piece on burnout

    Great advice on recognizing and resolving burnout symptoms

  170. Big leadership changes at The Globe and Mail

    With an eye to online, John Stackhouse replaces Edward Greenspon as editor-in-chief; Angus Frame becomes VP of Digital

  171. Web fonts 101

    Zeldman offers a good overview, and collects, pointers to embeddable Web typefaces

  172. Firefinder

    A Firebug extension to search HTML using CSS selectors

  173. Typewriter

    A simple typewriter-emulator that comes the closest yet to Khoi Vinh's Blockwriter idea

  174. ABC News redesigns

    Big images and more video promotions feature large

  175. New look for The Globe and Mail online

    Canada's national newspaper showcases a bold, new design with clean and readable story pages framed by a more cohesive organizational structure

  176. Yahoo's Placemaker

    Service parses text on web pages or news feeds and returns geographic data

  177. New suubscription models

    Reports are The New York Times is considering two different ways to charge for online content

  178. Tax breaks for newspapers, but not news sites

    Washington decides to save newspapers with a tax break

  179. Canoe and Sun Media merging

    What goes around, comes around

  180. Mozilla Prism

    Use Web pages as applications with this official Mozilla Labs tool

  181. TimesReader 2.0

    Since it first debuted, I've loved the TimesReader concept - the version overhauls the tech and keeps the elegance

  182. Rupert to charge for content

    News Corp.'s newspaper sites will begin charging a fee within a year

  183. Mobile design and development assets

    Brian Fling's collection of resources from his mobile workshops

  184. Big companies love IE6

    Forrester reveals the dirty details

  185. eCSStender

    Making the future CSS happen in browsers now

  186. Happy Hour app

    Mobile app reveals cheap alcohol and Seattleites achieve bliss

  187. Imagining Toronto as Seattle

    Interesting comparison of my two cities as a high-tech startup friendly places

  188. Video still seen on TV

    CBC finds only 10% of video is watched online and user-generated video viewing has plateaued (do consider the source, tho...)

  189. The Anti-MySpace

    Khoi Vinh reviews the design aesthetic of the new Muxtape

  190. CBC gets a new online boss

    Rachel Nixon leaves NowPublic to be the director of digital media for CBC News

  191. New threads for stories

    Nine weeks ago, msnbc.com began work on a new story page design concept to improve the ways news events are covered.

  192. When can I use...

    Find out when those cool new Web design features will be available to all

  193. The Pennysmash Machine

    Make your own flattened penny art at the Gladtone Hotel

  194. Big Picture a side project

    Boston Globe's Big Picture blog was developed and promoted on Alan Taylor's off-hours

  195. Embedding images

    How to use text-based data URIs to embed images in Internet Explorer

  196. Service design principles

    How to develop and evolve design principles for service-based projects

  197. Digg's multipart XHR

    An very clever idea from Digg on speeding up Web pages

  198. Comic Sans and the Watchmen

    Comic book letter Todd Klein disputes the origins of Comic Sans

  199. 2009 EPpy Awards finalists

    Long-deserved nods for the globeandmail.com, one for msnbc.com

  200. Vanishing movie ads

    Once big spenders, movie promotions in newspapers are becoming rarer

  201. 11 graphic design paradoxes

    Valuable points to keep in mind for designers

  202. Aggregating the buzz

    New music service aims to create a chart of the emerging music tracks

  203. Citzen captioning

    CaptionTube allows people to add and export subtitle information to YouTube videos

  204. Journalism Online announced

    Aim is to create a billing system for online newspapers - wasn't that eMeta?

  205. Paper Cuts

    All the depressing news & data about the newspaper industry collected in one place

  206. We Love Typography

    FFFound for type, with a great search UI

  207. Seattle Post Globe launches

    Umm...good luck? (And please, please date your posts)

  208. Web design features in Firefox 3.5


  209. Refresh Seattle's back

    The UX event returns with Jared Spool speaking after a few months hiatus

  210. Buy a newspaper box

    For $40 you can have your own a Seattle P-I newspaper box

  211. Web loading time hurt by @import

    In many cases, using @import can affect how fast a page loads

  212. Past-proof HTML

    HTML5 may not provide the information historians need to tell our stories

  213. Torontoist lives on

    Toronto city blog is now locally and independently owned, although still affiliated with Gothamist chain

  214. Kurt Cobain is dead

    Fifteen years later, nothing much remains the same

  215. A List Apart 2008 Survey

    Everything you wanted to know about the state of the Web design industry right now

  216. Huffington Post steps up

    Seeds an Investigative reporting fund with $1.75 million - this is a good sign

  217. Reflow and repaint performance issues

    General overview on some client-side things that slow a Web page

  218. Web typography

    Good resource site from a SXSW 2009 panel

  219. Capitol Hill bus map

    Modelled on London's transit maps, this bus map shows the routes centred on one of Seattle neighbourhoods

  220. The Strange Final Days Of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    As experienced by a former reporter

  221. Drug testing reporters

    The final indignity against Seattle P-I reporters? They now have to pass a drug test to stay employed

  222. Exploring MoMA online

    The Museum of Modern Art relaunched with a compelling new design

  223. Grid overlay

    A simple mac-based tool for refining grid based layouts

  224. Proposing a new global currency

    China wants the IMF "SDR" unit to replace the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency (let the conspiracy theories begin)

  225. Scandinavian news sites protest IE6

    Danish and Norwegian media sites are campaigning their users to use any browser but IE6

  226. Bowman leaves Google

    In his goodbye post, Doug Bowman articulates the perils of designing for a big company

  227. SuperPreview

    Stupidly literal name, cool tool: allows you to overlay different renders of a Web page

  228. Micrsoft releases Internet Explorer 8

    This very good browser does a lot of contortions to not offend anyone, and almost succeeds

  229. No more newspapers

    Watching the newspapers collapse and grasp the new media dream a decade too late has been sobering.

  230. March 17, 2009 - the end of the P-I

    The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the city's oldest business, will roll off the presses for the last time St. Patrick's Day

  231. Newspapers: a revolutionary victim

    Clay Shirky writes one of the most insightful essays on the what is really happening to newspapers and what we mean when we want to save them.

  232. Site Compatibility and IE8

    Otherwise known as what fixing your site's bad habits

  233. The Web at 20

    Twenty years ago today Tim-Berners Lee submitted the proposal that would become the World Wide Web

  234. 51% design

    What if you started with an idea but only designed 51% of its potential before letting it loose?

  235. Hometown newspapers no more

    City newspapers may, for all practical purposes, disappear in the U.S. by year's end

  236. Joys of being Gen X

    This inspired a sarcastic tweet from me a little ways back...

  237. CSS selectors and page performance

    Turns out, in real world tests, CSS selectors don't effect the rendering time of Web pages

  238. Guardian frees its content

    Simon Willison explains more about the Guardian Open Platform's APIs and the content available

  239. 10 at-risk U.S. newspapers

    Time's list of newspapers possibly following the path of Rocky Mountain News or the Seattle P-I

  240. Digital Web done

    One of the longest-running publications about Web design and development has ceased publication

  241. Happy birthday Toronto

    For the city's 175th birthday, Spacing donates 175 iconic pictures to the city archives

  242. Seattle P-I going online only

    Some staff members of the newspaper were offered a chance at continued employment in an online edition

  243. Hearst tries to figure out the pay-wall

    Having been on the ground for practical discussions of the same issues years ago, I'm amazed how many lessons have not been learned

  244. The first sketches of history

    Great summary of all the different experiments in visualizing the words news is literally made of

  245. Toronto then & now images

    Love how little Ossington and Arglye have changed in 50 years

  246. Designing Web Interfaces' photostream

    A huge collection of Web interfaces used as support for an O'Reilly book

  247. Guardian's Oscar interactive

    Simple, dull, but a good pattern to examine

  248. jQuery Sparklines

    Create sparklines that render cross-browser

  249. Online dreams for the P-I

    The last breaths of a newspaper that owns the building two other successful online news company are operating out of

  250. Reseting Safari 4

    Don't like the tab bar above the URL bar in Safari 4? Switch it back.

  251. Who uses Twitter?

    Urban, mobile, news-reading thirtysomethings

  252. CanWest faces bankruptcy

    Karmic payback?

  253. Boxee and Hulu

    The transition to the streaming of traditional television online just had a big setback

  254. Design Technologist

    An interesting title for people who aren't really Web developers

  255. CanCon rules coming to the Web?

    The CRTC is floating the idea setting up a $100-million fund to Canadian programming online

  256. Ealy online newspapers

    The Electronic Examiner profiled in a 1981 TV news story

  257. U.S. vs. Canadian Smarties

    Canadians know them as Rockets, Americans call this Canadian-made candy Smarties. How bizarre.

  258. The Globe and Mail lays off 30

    Another 60 take packages at Canada's national newspaper

  259. Optimizing page load times

    Some long held beliefs about Web design actual hurt page performance

  260. Irony

    NYTimes.com may charge for its site again - I've long argued subscriptions made sense if implemented properly

  261. Canadian news digest launching

    My former boss and a former Walrus editor are launch new "online forum for [Canadian] news and opinion"

  262. SuperBowl ad showdown

    For many, the real SuperBowl competition is the ads - take a look this years and pick your favourite

  263. Five Simple Steps released

    One of my most anticipated Web design books has finally been released

  264. Open-source politics

    The embrace of social media, unconferences and community politics is pushing Toronto into the vanguard of open-source politics.

  265. BaconCamp

    In the spirit of BarCamp - a celebration of bacon

  266. Fluid grid template

    Up to 16-column grid design that is flexible and fluid. Remember when this used to be almost impossible in CSS?

  267. IE8 almost done

    The best IE browser built to date is now available as a release candidate

  268. Gigapixel image: Where's Obama?

    Amazing panorama of the U.S. president giving his inauguration speech (try viewing full-screen on a 30" monitor!)

  269. Most wired U.S. city

    Seattle (seems also to be the most wirelessed, too)

  270. New stopdesign

    Doug Bowman unveils a new look for his now, more personal, blog

  271. Mobile JavaScript library

    XUI is library optimized for modern mobile devices

  272. Ingram and Nieman

    Mathew Ingram joins the Nieman Journalism Lab

  273. Live web coverage of subway shooting

    The Globe and Mail is using Cover It Live technology to do instant community updates on the news story

  274. Obama's inauguration

    Poynter's collecting screen shots as news sites cover this historic day in U.S. politics

  275. Pushing the news UI

    A critique of GlobalPost turns into an examination of future potential

  276. Broken font-weight

    CSS's font-weight remains broken in all but one browser variant used today

  277. Chicago Tribune goes tabloid

    Subscribers will continue to get the broadsheet - interesting arrangement, not sure I see the savings

  278. Promoting the new, new journalism

    New York features on the interactive journalist at NYTimes.com

  279. Seattle P-I: bye-bye?

    The Seattle Post Intelligencer is being put up for sale, which is the complicated way to stop printing the newspaper

  280. And now the Globe

    Canada's national newspaper now facing layoffs

  281. The State of the Web 2008

    John Allsopp has released the summary of his extensive survey of professional web designers and developers

  282. The world with the Times

    Interesting article examining what might happen to the New York Times