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Some Radio Posts.

  1. 1.1 billion served

    NPR opened its content to everyone via an API and has solved its distribution problem

  2. Martin Streek reported dead

    The iconic DJ, recently fired from Toronto's CFNY / Edge 102 radio station after 20 years, has apparently died

  3. CBC unleashes more podcasts

    Selections include Radio News, World at Six, The House and some podcast-specific offerings

  4. CBC to Canadian indie music fans: pay to listen

    Ironically, CBC Radio 3 and Brave New Waves pushed to the for-pay satellite service in effort to attract younger listeners to Radio 2.

  5. CBC and Web history

    CBC’s RealTime was the first Canadian entertainment show streamed over the Internet (coincidentally, using the RealAudio network)

  6. Today in CBC history

    Tod Maffin uses Google's spreadsheets to create a calendar of historical CBC events

  7. How media can change the content

    Or sometimes not. Kottke looks at how podcasts still feel like radio talk shows.

  8. Remembering two Canadian media greats

    This weekend Antonia Zebisias broke her blogging silence to remember Sid Adilman, one of Canada’s best entertainment journalists. He died this past Saturday and the paper he spent so much time at, the Toronto Star, remembers him well.

  9. CBC and spam

    Tomorrow night (and again on Saturday), Canada’s public broadcaster devotes itself to a topic any connected person should care about.

  10. CBC lock-out spark for blogs

    Blogs about the Mother Corp. were almost non-existence until management locked CBC employees out.

  11. Ricky Gervais podcasts

    The twelve weekly shows will be available through Guardian Unlimited starting December 5.

  12. CBC Radio 3 plans

    The details about the pay-radio satellite service are coming out, as is the little detail about the Web site relaunch being delayed until next year.

  13. CBC Radio One going Top 40

    To those in charge: CBC Radio is not a commerical enterprise, it is a public broadcaster.

  14. “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”

    CBC president Robert Rabinovitch falls during his Heritage Committee testimony.

  15. CBC back to work Oct. 11

    CBC will return in all its beaten glory next Tuesday. Hockey Night in Canada will be back for Saturday, though.

  16. CBC: deal reached

    After being told to settle their dispute, and given a 48-hour deadline, the CBC management and the Candian Media Guild (CMG) did just that last night. The Great CBC Lockout looks to be over. Finally.

  17. Andie Barrie and crew returning to airwaves

    The former staff of CBC’s Toronto morning show return to the airwaves Labour Day morning.

  18. Mark Starowicz on the CBC lockout

    The senior executive producer of the CBC Documentary Unit opines on the lockout in a biased, but balanced opinion piece.

  19. CBCunplugged

    The Tyee has the story about the site the locked-out CBC workers built to keep reporting the news.

  20. Petition to overturn satellite pay radio decisions

    The American satellite radio companies got a sweet deal mine Canadians pockets. We, however, got very little in return. Ask PM² to stop it.

  21. Blogging the CBC lockout

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