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Online media matters


November 1, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Gomery: Latest developments

    Blog-like updates at The Globe and Mail.

  2. Gomery lays blame

    Gomery assigns blame (in Chapter 16 of his first report) to Guité as well as Chrétien, Pelletier and Gagliano. Martin cleared.

  3. Wan-sabi fundamentals

    Yes, it’s another “Eastern philosophy” swallowed by pop culture, but it’s one that reflects Web design’s best practices.

  4. CBC Radio One going Top 40

    To those in charge: CBC Radio is not a commerical enterprise, it is a public broadcaster.

  5. The Gomery Report coverage

    This is it — coverage of a so-called scandal that will be the cause for the next election.

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