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Online media matters


December 2005’s Posts.

  1. Online news demographic not the newspaper’s

    Some stats to back-up a lot of anecdotal evidence. Those under 40 read online news, not newspapers.

  2. Canvas in IE

    Emulating canvas in Internet Explorer.

  3. Ajax link tracker

    This is a very elegant way to do this, a much cheaper than some offerings.

  4. Khoi Vinh becoming Design Director for NYTimes.com

    His minimal, grid-heavy look could slowly bring some needed improvements to the Grey [sic] Lady’s site.

  5. The future of new is people

    Hypergene MediaBlog disects tthe latest Niewman Report on citizen journalism.

  6. How to reimagine a newspaper

    Although The Globe and Mail got some ribbing about it, this is exactly its doing.

  7. Outings’s resolutions for newspapers online

    Most Canadian ones are doing one or two, but none are doing all nine, yet.

  8. E-paper a reality in 2006

    I saw a demo of iRex Technologies’ reader (which uses e-Ink) and it is impressive. The business model, though, sucks.

  9. CSS bar graphs

    Eric Meyer shows another way to create semantic bar graphs.

  10. Online news initiatives out-of-date

    One of the problems with online newspapers is that great initiatives are left to rot once launched. A perfect example of this: the Toronto Star released a clever Google Map of murders in the Toronto area “2005 to date”; but it’s not up-to-date.

  11. Ingram’s Web 2.0 report card

    Overall it gets a C, with eBay seen struggling.

  12. Firefox for music

    Rob Lord planning potential iTunes-killer to be based on Mozilla

  13. Media levy to stay

    The tax on recordable compact discs and other recordable media will stay until 2006 at least.

  14. RSS icon

    Now that Microsoft has adopted the Mozilla RSS icon, Matt Brett has created a graphic template of it for everyone to use.

  15. Yahoo! JavaScript Developer Center

    Great collection of articles, resources, and tutorials on Yahoo’s products and on JavaScript itself.

  16. Opening the media

    Launching a new site can be a painful experience, especially for one visited by hundreds of thousands of people a day. When the Toronto Star launched its new design, there were a number of rough edges; but in the intervening weeks, the team there has worked hard to fix them. In fact, shortly after the site’s unveiling, the Star created a comment-enabled blog to discuss the online team’s experiences and ideas.

  17. Designing outside the grid

    Molly encourages designers to go beyond the table-inspired grid.

  18. CanvasGraph.js

    Another nice demo what can be done with the canvas element.

  19. thestar.com does GoogleMaps

    Not quite ChicagoCrime, but this map of toronto homicides is a start.

  20. thestar.com removes registration

    Though I have no love for registration, I can’t see any business reason for doing this other than regrouping after some negative results.

  21. thestar.com: webmaking

    The Toronto Star has launched a ne wblog to speak to its reader about its Web site. Very smart.

  22. Toronto gets some real power

    The Ontario government finally allows T-dot to make its own decisions.

  23. Calling all Canadian Web workers

    Kim Seiver and Jay Gilmore have sparked a passionate discussion about creating a Canadian-based Web design conference.

  24. Newspapers are mainframes

    Interesting comparison of the newspaper business to what has happened to the computer since the mainframe.

  25. Improving the blog interface

    Luke Wroblewski and Jed Wood come up with intelligent ways to improve the findability of content in blogs.

  26. The ultimate Web 2.0 offering

    WebTwenny will revolutionize user-focused experiences.

  27. What CSS browsers support

    Covering IE 6, Firefox 1 and 1.5, and Opera 8.5

  28. The Anatomy of Web Fonts

    An comprehensive guide to what makes some fonts better online.

  29. The Elements of Web Typography

    Richard Rutter unveils a beautiful resource about displaying words and letters online.

  30. Pulitzer will accept online journalism

    Online journalism will not compete on par with printed newspapers articles for the first time.

  31. Journalism ethics around the globe

    The University of British Columbia’s journalism school launches an ethics watchdog Web site.

  32. Podcast is the word of the year

    No surprise as almost anyone whose anyone is doing it. Bird flu, lifehack, and sudoku were among the runners up.

  33. E-rights make it to the Supreme Court

    Freelance writer Heather Robertson’s case against The Globe and Mail over electronic rights, finally makes it to the Supreme Court.

  34. Ajax mistakes

    Mistakes in code and design the one can make while building Ajax-based apps.

  35. Mobile Web development in Japan

    Andreas Bovens argues for Web standards on mobile sites.

  36. Community authorship still has hope

    The Wikiepedia is under attack; Web 2.0 is under a backlash, but masionneuve argues there is still hope.

  37. Mary Meeker on global tech and Net trends

    Lots of data crunched into some nice slides. Worth browsing.

  38. Eolas patent forces Internet Explorer changes

    Microsoft will be changing the way its browser handles embedded multimedia within a few months.

  39. Where to use DOM scripting

    THough Alex Bosworth says Ajax, and means DOM scripts, his advice is solid.

  40. Do you prefer Internet Explorer or Firefox?

    Rocketboom asks New Yorkers which they prefer — its charming and quirky.

  41. iPod Zepto

    Capable of holding 12 million songs and only one-tenth the size of the head of a needle, the iPod Zepto is a revolution in sound.

  42. WebDrive

    WebDrive claims its an FTP client that acts like a virtual drive. Nice.

  43. Ingram on the Bell Globemedia deal

    Mathew Ingram sounds off on a deal that he feels leaves the company in continued limbo.

  44. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

    Woodbridge and Torstar are buying Bell Globemedia — I woulda thought the former would have got The Globe, the latter CTV.

  45. Web design trends for 2006

    All of the predictions are safe, although some are a bit dated.

  46. Ricky Gervais podcasts

    The twelve weekly shows will be available through Guardian Unlimited starting December 5.

  47. Running two versions of Firefox

    With Firefox 1.5 out, it’s a bit tricky to run an instance of version 1.0, too. But there is a way (hint: profiles).

  48. Top 10 JavaScript functions

    Use all but the last “bonus” function ” but I may soon.

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