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Online media matters


December 22, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Firefox for music

    Rob Lord planning potential iTunes-killer to be based on Mozilla

  2. Media levy to stay

    The tax on recordable compact discs and other recordable media will stay until 2006 at least.

  3. RSS icon

    Now that Microsoft has adopted the Mozilla RSS icon, Matt Brett has created a graphic template of it for everyone to use.

  4. Yahoo! JavaScript Developer Center

    Great collection of articles, resources, and tutorials on Yahoo’s products and on JavaScript itself.

  5. Opening the media

    Launching a new site can be a painful experience, especially for one visited by hundreds of thousands of people a day. When the Toronto Star launched its new design, there were a number of rough edges; but in the intervening weeks, the team there has worked hard to fix them. In fact, shortly after the site’s unveiling, the Star created a comment-enabled blog to discuss the online team’s experiences and ideas.

  6. Designing outside the grid

    Molly encourages designers to go beyond the table-inspired grid.

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