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Online media matters


December 29, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Khoi Vinh becoming Design Director for NYTimes.com

    His minimal, grid-heavy look could slowly bring some needed improvements to the Grey [sic] Lady’s site.

  2. The future of new is people

    Hypergene MediaBlog disects tthe latest Niewman Report on citizen journalism.

  3. How to reimagine a newspaper

    Although The Globe and Mail got some ribbing about it, this is exactly its doing.

  4. Outings’s resolutions for newspapers online

    Most Canadian ones are doing one or two, but none are doing all nine, yet.

  5. E-paper a reality in 2006

    I saw a demo of iRex Technologies’ reader (which uses e-Ink) and it is impressive. The business model, though, sucks.

  6. CSS bar graphs

    Eric Meyer shows another way to create semantic bar graphs.

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