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Some Convergence Posts.

  1. Maybe there is a bubble

    Bell Globemedia looking to do an IPO this fall.

  2. Ingram on the Bell Globemedia deal

    Mathew Ingram sounds off on a deal that he feels leaves the company in continued limbo.

  3. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

    Woodbridge and Torstar are buying Bell Globemedia — I woulda thought the former would have got The Globe, the latter CTV.

  4. CanWest spins off papers

    As expected, CanWest is turning its newspapers and interactive media into a trust. Missing: the National Post, which spurs further speculation.

  5. CANOE converges again

    Sometimes they never learn: PPK tries again to be the master of convergence.

  6. Are they selling me?

    Eric Reguly thinks BCE is ready to sell the company I work for, Bell Globemedia.

  7. TV over the phone

    Bell Canada finally gets the rights to send television over its phone lines.

  8. Dow Jones buys MarketWatch

    One of the sites I work on was heavily modelled on MarketWatch; in part because the former site’s editor worked on the latter, but also because the latter’s approach to covering the markets works.

  9. Meet Sympatico/MSN, register at the Globe

    The Canadian Web is changing: Sympatico is MSN and get ready to register at the Globe and Mail’s sites

  10. The good and bad of Craig and CHUM

    Eric Reguly has some very strong words about both the CRTC and Craig Media in terms of the Toronto 1 deal

  11. Bought by CHUM

    Get one redesign done, and dive into work on another. Difference is this time, I like the design. More details to in the coming months (and, no, it still is not this site)…

  12. Microsoft AOL?

    From Friday, a New York Post article speculating Microsoft might be offered AOL. Slashdot digests the news, which provoked little coverage elsewhere.

  13. Working for Asper

    An email landed in my inbox today pointing to a wonderfully ironic story: not only does Leonard Asper love convergence, he’d also like to own the newspaper I work for

  14. Nielsen says patent; maybe CanCon rules are needed

    Stupidest advice yet: Jakob Nielsen actually advocates that companies “patent usability innovations.” Great, just great.

  15. Mozilla 1.6 released; mitigating media concentration

    Mozilla 1.6 is out, and features the ability to refresh the source code window (great for debugging) as well as numerous bug fixes (including one that prevented me from using an experimental new design for this site).

  16. Bell Globemedia break-up; Rebus Symbols;Nott’s hacks and filters

    Earlier reports about the break-up of Bell Globemedia (my employer) are looking truer by the day. Over the weekend, the National Post reported that the company’s board has been dissolved. Could be another interesting Janaury/February here…

  17. Media rumours and trends; printing the Web; the Daily Standards

    Recently, when talking with a co-worker about the possible sale of our employer, I said there was no big media companies left who would want the Globe — I had forgotten about Transcontinental, best known as the publisher of the TV Guide.

  18. Text presentation; Dictionary of Canadian Biography online; convergence defined

    John Gruber, while ostensibly talking about Panther’s text rendering capabilities, explains everything you need to know about text presentation on computer displays. If you ever place words on a screen, read his article (via Coudal Partners).

  19. Google Deskbar; reasons against registration; cross-ownership in the media

    For those who can’t get enough Google, there’s now a tool to search the engine, browser-free, via the Windows toolbar. Pretty clever.

  20. Dropping “AOL”; ROB loves PKP; analysis of market analysis

    Is convergence dead or not? Even as AOL Time Warner drops the “AOL” from its name, the business press are fawning over PKP and the converged Quebecor Media’s IPO.

  21. System styles; stopping mega media mergers

    A discussion on evolt’s thelist reverting forms to the system style introduced me to Jeff Howden’s chart of User-Defined Colors, Fonts, & Cursors. As I mentioned in a subsequent post, although system colours will be deprecated in CSS3 a new property called appearance will be introduced which allows, with one value, the author to specify the users default system’s “color, font, background, padding, border, and margin.” Also some of the values in Jeff’s table only IE6 currently supports have made their way into this draft (specifically the values in font and cursor).

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