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Living Can Kill You

Text presentation; Dictionary of Canadian Biography online; convergence defined

John Gruber, while ostensibly talking about Panther’s text rendering capabilities, explains everything you need to know about text presentation on computer displays. If you ever place words on a screen, read his article (via Coudal Partners).

The folks at Cold Wind North have done it again. Famed for converting old newspaper scans into searchable documents, the company has just launched (with the Canadian government) the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. The fully-searchable, cross-referenced database covers people living on the land from 1000 to 1920 (the next edition covering to 1930 is still being written).

This unbelievable resource, freely available to anyone, even comes with its own custom font: NewKwah

Another big endeavor was unveiled this week: the CNIB Digital Library. The service, which fellow WebStandards.TOer Bryce Johnson worked on, has more than 10,000 audio, text, and Braille titles available online.

If you ever wondered what convergence means, Rich Gordon tries to explain it in a chapter from a new book on digital journalism.