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Online media matters


September 2004’s Posts.

  1. In a state of flux

    To repeat what once uttered to a confused hostess for a chain restaurant in some suburban mall: “Ummm, just a minute; we’re in a state of flux right now.”

  2. Browser wars reignited

    News.com assembles a huge package on the limping IE and its energized competitors in the browser business

  3. Styled form elements

    Roger Johansson demonstrates how eight of today’s browsers render styled from elements.

  4. Yahoo does CSS…

    The new Yahoo and My Yahoo homepages use semantic mark-up and styles. Come on Google.

  5. Yahoo does RSS…

    The new My Yahoo will use RSS and Atom

  6. Managing CSS hacks

    Molly writes a comprehensive article on how to work with and manage CSS hacks and filters in real style sheets.

  7. BBC News launches aggregation service

    Brilliant move by the public broadcaster, but don’t expect traditional news sites to do this any time soon…

  8. Eric’s slideshow tool

    Mr. Meyer builds an dHTML-based slideshow tool.

  9. Coulda been blogmarks

    The project consuming most of my time got a one-week extension, meaning I had a long weekend to enjoy a few days ago, but also meaning my focus is still concentrated elsewhere. So, once again, is a list of worthy links (in my mythical next design I’ll have blogmarks to deal with this):

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