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March 2006’s Posts.

  1. 30 years of Apple

    Wired has a gallery of Apple’s products over the past three decades.

  2. From DHTML to DOM scripting

    Christian Heilmann writes a treatise on why DHTML is not DOM scripting

  3. Firebug 0.3 is brilliant

    This release officially replaces my belvoed DOM Inspector as the best Web development tool ever.

  4. On Morrissey’s boycott of Canada

    The beautiful irony of comment from a globeandmail.com reader comment sums it all up.

  5. Face(bubble)book’s $2 billion (bubble) dream.

    After looking a gift horse in mouth someone’s going to end up looking like a mule.

  6. CNN.com’s new homepage

    It’s wide and fairly minimal.

  7. Municipal election campaigns 2.0

    Social Tech Brewing hosts a conference on how to get the next Toronto election more Web-friendly.

  8. Alan Rusbridger on newspapers and blogs

    The editor of The Guardian opines on what the newspapers need to do to survive.

  9. Harper limiting reporter access

    Bill Doskoch summarizes some of the drastic changes the new Prime Minister wants to enforce on the press gallery.

  10. The truth behind retouching

    Online demo of how retouching makes the real hyperreal.

  11. Clark on mesh and Web developement in Toronto

    I'm friends with Joe and some of the Mesh organizers, but his attacks on the industry in Toronto ring true.

  12. Hogtown vs. Cowtown

    A Torontonian takes a wander through Calgary; while a Calgarian does the same in Toronto.

  13. Louie Palu in Afghanistan

    Palu, an award-winning photographer with The Globe and Mail, documented his time with Canadian military there.

  14. “Bugzilla” for Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer Feedback is a bug database for the browser that Redmond built. Good on them for doing this.

  15. Tim Hortons one of Canada’s biggest IPOs

    The donut and coffee chain jumps 40% in its market debut.

  16. Question the globeandmail.com editors

    The editors of globeandmail.com do a questions and answer session with the readers.

  17. Mesh — Canada’s Web *.0 conference

    Organized by smart people, with presentations by even smarter ones, mesh looks to be a very good conference.

  18. Cascading Style Shirts

    Ringer T-shirts created in Canada with Web standard messages.

  19. Toronto Star starts tagging

    The online news site dips its toes in the tagging waters by letting users post a story to del.icio.us.

  20. 1,000 little icons

    Silk Icons offer 1,000 nice icons convering nearly every conceivable need.

  21. Thunderbird gets a calendar (almost)

    Lightning 0.1 is the first release of the calendar for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

  22. Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 released

    This developer release showcases the first tentative steps Firefox is taking as it hits 2.0.

  23. Internet Explorer 7: MIX06 Build

    The IEBlog explains what you need to do to get this rendering-engine complete version installed.

  24. Prime Minister Ashley MacIsaac?

    Well, fiddle me timbers, the Cape Breton fiddler insists he’s making a genuine run for the Liberal leadership.

  25. Shirkey on groups

    An older (2003) essay, but an excellent one examining group dynamics online.

  26. CSS compressor

    CSS Tweak has a nice interface, but if you already use shorthand properties, the savings aren’t great.

  27. BarCampTdot (a.k.a., TorCamp 2.0)

    The second TorCamp will be taking place May 13 or May 14, 2006. Sign-up now.

  28. Bubble 2.0

    A categorized list of some of the various Web 2.0 products out there.

  29. Tom Waits’ only commerical

    For Purina, done in 1981.

  30. State of the (American) news media for 2006

    Third annual report is an incredibly in-depth report on all the major jounalism media.

  31. More about Internet Explorer 7

    The MIX06 release will be the full-fledged Beta 2 with the final version coming in November.

  32. PHP reading list

    As complied by Big Blue.

  33. CSS Development Shortcut

    Chris Casciano offers up an HTML document with all the elements ready for your CSS tests.

  34. More on Toronto's wireless plans

    The downtown WiFi service will be aimed at business and will likely be available to anyone through a monthly subscription.

  35. Current interface designs

    Designs include products from both Mircrosoft and Apple.

  36. Meet Media 2.0

    A interesting analysis of the community and media trend as it relates to Web 2.0.

  37. Opera nightly passes Acid2 test

    A first for a Windows browsers, but the browser still does weird things.

  38. The media feeds the dot-com community bubble

    Interesting piece using News Corp. and MySpace as a hook for a larger, emerging trend.

  39. Patrick Dinnen on making Toronto wireless

    The Wireless Toronto representative shares his feelings about Toronto Hydro’s WiFi plans.

  40. Will the TTC resurrect Mondex?

    Toronto’s transit service proposes a new pass that could double as an e-cash-holding smart card.

  41. Khoi Vinh on Newsvine

    The review is generous yet conflicted, and it echoes my reactions to Newsvine, as well.

  42. Compatibility testing JavaScript libraries

    Cross-browser, cross-platform support is accepted in mark-up and styles. Now comes scripting.

  43. Blogging at Canadian newspapers

    Mark Hamilton looks at the Canadian newspaper blogging effort and finds it lacking.

  44. Best U.S. newspapers that blogs

    The Houston Chronicle gets a lot of praise for its extensive blogging efforts.

  45. Spacing on Wireless Toronto

    In light of the news about Toronto Hydro’s plan to offer WiFi hotspots, Spacing recommends Wireless Toronto.

  46. Toronto made wireless

    Rumour has it, this fall Toronto Hydro will turn the city’s entire downtown core into a WiFi hotspot.

  47. Split the Queen line

    Spacing thinks breaking the Queen streetcar line into smaller bits would help improve service.

  48. Extend Firefox Winners

    Reveal, Web Developer and Firefox Showcase take top prizes.

  49. DOM Helper

    A hand built editor and DOM explorer for Internet Explorer

  50. Maybe there is a bubble

    Bell Globemedia looking to do an IPO this fall.

  51. One template, forty layouts

    Alessandro Fulciniti launches Layout Gala: 40 CSS-layouts in one template. Superb.

  52. One template, forty layouts

    Alessandro Fulciniti launches Layout Gala: 40 CSS-layouts in one template. Superb.

  53. The IE7 MIX 06 beta release

    A new beta of Internet Explroer 7 is apparently being released and MIX06, and possibly on MSDN later. It sounds very good.

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