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Online media matters


March 22, 2006’s Posts.

  1. Toronto Star starts tagging

    The online news site dips its toes in the tagging waters by letting users post a story to del.icio.us.

  2. 1,000 little icons

    Silk Icons offer 1,000 nice icons convering nearly every conceivable need.

  3. Thunderbird gets a calendar (almost)

    Lightning 0.1 is the first release of the calendar for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

  4. Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 released

    This developer release showcases the first tentative steps Firefox is taking as it hits 2.0.

  5. Internet Explorer 7: MIX06 Build

    The IEBlog explains what you need to do to get this rendering-engine complete version installed.

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