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Online media matters


March 28, 2006’s Posts.

  1. On Morrissey’s boycott of Canada

    The beautiful irony of comment from a globeandmail.com reader comment sums it all up.

  2. Face(bubble)book’s $2 billion (bubble) dream.

    After looking a gift horse in mouth someone’s going to end up looking like a mule.

  3. CNN.com’s new homepage

    It’s wide and fairly minimal.

  4. Municipal election campaigns 2.0

    Social Tech Brewing hosts a conference on how to get the next Toronto election more Web-friendly.

  5. Alan Rusbridger on newspapers and blogs

    The editor of The Guardian opines on what the newspapers need to do to survive.

  6. Harper limiting reporter access

    Bill Doskoch summarizes some of the drastic changes the new Prime Minister wants to enforce on the press gallery.

  7. The truth behind retouching

    Online demo of how retouching makes the real hyperreal.

  8. Clark on mesh and Web developement in Toronto

    I'm friends with Joe and some of the Mesh organizers, but his attacks on the industry in Toronto ring true.

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