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December 2003’s Posts.

  1. Happy New Year’s; Berners-Lee knighted; advanced tables

    A long-time friend just called to wish me a happy New Year — literally. He’s in Sydney and said he just saw the most spectacular fireworks display; this was happening in the background as we spoke.

  2. The year that was

    A year-end review, without the predictions, of the Internet in 2003.

  3. Best of 2003; MOZiE; liquid layouts

    The New York Times makes smart use of its “E-Mail This Article” feature, and creates a quirky profile of its readers.

  4. Martin threatens paulmartintime.ca

    Yesterday was supposed to by my last post for the holidays, but the Liberal Party of Canada’s threats to sue a parody site — Paul Martim Time — couldn’t be ignored. As it looks the Prime Minister’s people were less than pleased about the site, and timed its moves to appear during a dead news cycle. I wonder whether they would have had such a problem with the site’s design had it been a site filled with compliments for PM²?

  5. Buzzing: XFN, delicious, RSS and Atom; IE accessibility toolbar; hiking gas prices; year ending

    XFN is starting to build some momentum, but I haven’t really bought into the concept for use on this site. Who knows, maybe in the next version… What I do like is proposed method — XMDP — for marking up profiles though.

  6. CANOE Money’s back; high-speed and dial-up users equal

    During the dot-com boom, I was working at CANOE’s financial site, CANOE Money. The ride was fast and crazy and less than a year after I left the site underwent a drastic redesign that rebranded it Webfin.

  7. A century of flying; images in liquid layouts

  8. CIRA to sue; Web design patterns

    Well, the Canadian Recording Industry Association sure isn’t wasting anytime. According to the National Post, it will start suing Canadians who upload music early next year (downloading being legal in Canada, for now).

  9. Web design generations

    Talking about the Web generation(s of designers and design developments).

  10. Blue prize won’t be for MSNBC; Web generations; downloading legal; paulmartintime.ca

    The well-designed Man in Blue is contemplating a regular prize for XHTML/CSS-based sites and wants to know your thoughts. (FWIW, I agree with Tom.)

  11. Au revoir, Ti Jean; usable Web fonts; Widgetopia; interviewing chofmann; limited copyright tariffs

    Bye bye, mon Chrétien… I doubt the new guy will be as much fun as you were over the past decade. (For example, “I’m Feeling Lucky” Google search for "What is the worst blog in the world".)

  12. URL spoofing; liquid vs. fixed; digital junkyard; Mozilla 1.6 beta released

    A disturbing new twist to an old trick (using URLs usernames that look like hostnames): Interent Explorer can be tricked to display a page that appears to be hosted from a different domain.

  13. NYTimes on: the American perspective of Canada, flawed Ecstasy studies, and the iPod; bad HMTL

    Yes, it requires registration — get used to it, registration is going to be the trend of ’04 — but The New York Times has a number of good pieces today, including:

  14. Beautiful blogs; Selectutorial; ID3; quote expreriment

    Lars Holst lists some beautifully-designed Weblogs (if only I could design…).

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