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Living Can Kill You

URL spoofing; liquid vs. fixed; digital junkyard; Mozilla 1.6 beta released

A disturbing new twist to an old trick (using URLs usernames that look like hostnames): Interent Explorer can be tricked to display a page that appears to be hosted from a different domain.

This could be used to trick users into passing over credit card information to theives, or — as happened during the boom — used to create fake news pages that appear to be the genuine deal. A link can be created, for example, to make it appear to Internet Explorer as though The New York Times Web site is now Google News (via Simon).

Fluid or fixed? You decide.

The University of Waterloo wants to collect the garbage places like the Internet Archive mix with its new digital junkyard a project of the MediaLab-like Canadian Centre of Arts and Technology.

Mozilla 1.6 beta has been released, which means 1.6 will slip into 2004, as will Firebird 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.5.