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July 20, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Viola not prior art for Eolas patent

    One of the big arguments against the Eolas patent (the one potentially costing Microsoft US$560 bmillion and Web developers a lot of headaches) was the existence of prior art in the form of the pre-Mosaic Viola browser (ironically developed at UC Berkeley)

  2. Fixing the All Music Guide

    The buzz around the Web standards community last week was the awful All Music Guide redesign which exclusively targetted IE 5.5 and higher on Windows and used a mess of JavaScript. To help fix things, Adrian Holovaty has built a AMG-specific Firefox extension that brilliantly undoes much of the damage; his colleague, Simon Willison riffs on the idea of such site-specific extensions.

  3. Clark on the Star on Firefox

    Joe Clark dissects Richard Morochove’s Toronto Star column on alternatives to IE (which was teased with the Firefox logo on the @Biz front page). Joe’s piece is an erudite example of Firefox’ latest “grassroots” marketing initiative: talking back to the press.

  4. Browser support for the saila layout

    A chart detailing browser support for the saila.com tableless, CSS-based, liquid, three-column layout.

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