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Star redesign results; Opera 7 beta

To match the new look of the paper, The Toronto Star redesigned its Web site, which had been less than pretty. The new site uses white space well, and is crisply and cleanly designed (the work of freelance designer Simone Paradisi). Unfortunately it still uses unreadable long CMS-generated URLs. Some quickly noted improvements:

Some (picky) downsides:

Overall, it’s a tremendous visual improvement, and based on a brief visit, seems more usable. By the way, if Toronto is “where you live” you may be able to pick-up one of million-plus free copies being distributed today.

A beta version of Opera 7 has been posted to the company’s FTP site. The release is not “official” but may be by the time it’s morning in Oslo — bug reporting may be allowed by then, too. Opera 7 is a complete rebuild of the browser’s rendering engine and promises more complete W3C DOM support (and favicons, too). Follow the discussion in the opera.beta newsgroup.