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Online media matters


January 2012’s Posts.

  1. civic.ca

    A simple, easy-to-use site to let Canadians find their government representatives

  2. J-Source's Newsperson of the Year

    OpenFile's Wilf Dinnick gets the nod as Canada's journalism innovator

  3. If I were CEO

    Seven simple things RIM's new bosses should do right away

  4. DIY dingbats

    Build your own custom web typeface using from 650 icons for a reasonable cost

  5. Modern Pictograms

    Another dingbat typeface designed for the web's visual vocabulary circa 2012

  6. Big editorial changes for The Globe and Mail

    A public editor, along with a number of new senior positions, will reshape the newsroom

  7. VRML 2.0

    A high-end conceptual web design using CSS (and some JavaScript) to create a 3D UI

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