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Online media matters

Living Can Kill You

Best of 2003; MOZiE; liquid layouts

The New York Times makes smart use of its “E-Mail This Article” feature, and creates a quirky profile of its readers.

MOZiE — created by MikeyC — is small little tool allowing you to compare how Mozilla and Internet Explorer render a page. The catch? It does so from the same browser window. Worth the download.

Russ Weakley is at again, this time, with a comprehensive article tackling liquid layouts (via webgraphics).

D. Keith Robinson posted, as I was on holidays, an excellent article about the integrity of information on Web sites. His advice should also be applied to traditional media, too.

During the year of its tenth birthday, the humble Web browser was spun on its head. Unlike the browser wars of the past, it wasn’t competition that inspired progress, but attacks from outsiders and insiders. Continue reading about the year that was