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May 2007’s Posts.

  1. globeandmail.com homepage update

    The news sites homepage catches up with the business redesign of a few weeks ago and offers far more content.

  2. Next step: companies on Facebook

    Facebook may be opening up to allow companies to offer its services directly to Facebook users.

  3. When blogs move the market

    A nice overview on "Applegate" and a comment on how we all need to adjust to idea of blogging as journalism.

  4. Browsers and accessibility guidelines

    Patrick H. Lauke offers some thoughts on how the Web browsers themselves handle accessibility.

  5. Sue Gardner leaving CBC.ca

    Head of the public broadcaster's Web operations "had achieved what [she] wanted"

  6. Banner ads create good feelings

    Though click-through rates may be declining, the ads are excellent at improving brand awareness.

  7. Molly on online community

    A honest and insightful essay about online community, and what the JPG fallout really indicates.

  8. Preview Firefox 3.0 with forms widgets

    Developer release of what could be an official Firefox release with Mac OS X form controls.

  9. Microsoft eats Crow

    David Crow joins the company's Canada arm as a Senior User Experience Advisor.

  10. Snook supercharges

    Another redesign, and this time its Snook with a massive overhaul that is very impressive.

  11. D. Keith Robinson Reboots

    New look and direction all set on a nice grid.

  12. webtechnology

    Preview of My Telegraph

  13. Mix07 wrap-up

    Finally made it back to Toronto after a case of mistaken departure and a very bumpy takeoff.

  14. Plain Old Semantic HTML

    It's all about POSH

  15. Seeing the Web’s future

    Vegas may be the city you can gamble 24-7, but try to find a decent bar open in The Venetian after 11 p.m.…

  16. New development platforms

    Well, this has been eventful.

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