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April 2007’s Posts.

  1. The universal Web is hard to do

    Sitting in the keynote for the Mix07 conference, I got intrigued by some of the demos of Silverlight (which is one of the reasons I wanted to come to this). All throughout people like Ray Ozzie have been talking about how its is part of the “univeral web” and can run both on the Mac and other browsers. I happen to to be using a Mac hear (in fact David Crow has the only other that I've seen) and am using Firefox, so…

  2. Going to Vegas

    So, I am on my way to Mix 07 — leaving Toronto from the same place I did for WDN07, only difference, well, almost the only difference is that today it’s warm.

  3. Zerbisias on the new Globe

    Offers a summary of criticism, but ends on an up note.

  4. Coda

    What HomeSite coulda been, had HomeSite continued to be developed app, and done so for the Mac.

  5. The quasi-new globeandmail.com

    Bill Doskoch on the transitional design for the Web site timed to coincide with ReportonBusiness.com

  6. The new Globe and Mail

    Ironically, the new Web site is getting better props.

  7. Energy-saving colour palette

    Jon Doucette designed a Web colour palette that is designed to use as little energy to display on yr monitor as possible.

  8. Google AJAX Feed API

    Cross-domain RSS mash-ups made possible on the client-side. Where was this nine months ago?!

  9. WPF/E announced as Silverlight

    The new plug-in will operate like Flash and QuickTime with the hopes of taking some mind/marketshare from Apple and Adobe.

  10. CNMA 2007 Finalists

    Typical mix for Canada's new media awards

  11. Harper's redesigns with more meta data

    Simply, intuitive, brilliant. And Paul Ford explains why all the tables.

  12. Managing tasks

    Great article on handling and responding to "unforeseen projects or tasks that tend to come from nowhere"

  13. Combine and compress

    A technique to reduce HTTP requests by combining multiple CSS or JavaScript calls into one.

  14. HTML5 proposed to the W3C

    Apple, Mozilla, and Opera are proposing the WHATWG's HTML5 be the starting point for the W3C's new HTML

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