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Online media matters

Living Can Kill You

Blue prize won’t be for MSNBC; Web generations; downloading legal; paulmartintime.ca

The well-designed Man in Blue is contemplating a regular prize for XHTML/CSS-based sites and wants to know your thoughts. (FWIW, I agree with Tom.)

A site that won’t win is the redesign of MSNBC — it’s not using XHTML and it’s currently busticated in non-IE browsers (like many MSN sites). The stories, though, are a bit more readable.

Digital Web’s new managing editor wonders where the second generation of Web innovators are. Although I disagree with his math, he’s got some good observations.

Happy fifth birthday to evolt.org.

Further to the tariff discussion (and Jay Currie’s musings), downloading, but not uploading, music is perfectly legal in Canada, according to the Copyright Board’s recent ruling:

The regime does not address the source of the material copied. There is no requirement … that the source copy be a non-infringing copy. Hence, it is not relevant whether the source of the track is a pre-owned recording, a borrowed CD, or a track downloaded from the Internet.

News.com has more.

Also from following last Friday’s entry (the mention of PM²’s blog): some people have created a parody blog to critique his policies and statements. What makes the effort interesting is an identical design combined with a typo-friendly address: paulmartintime.ca versus the original paulmartintimes.ca.