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Building a bridge

This open letter to Toronto city council was also sent to them as they reconsider the future of a bridge connecting the new city with the old:

This is not something I normally do, but here I am writing you about making Toronto a better city.

Almost 210 years ago, my ancestor moved to Toronto, built a mill, and fought in the militia to defend the city against an American invasion in 1813. Later, Scarlett Road was named for him.

Last , I moved back to Toronto from the U.S. because I believe in the Toronto’s potential.

Building and funding the the Fort York Pedestrian Cycle Bridge as planned will honour the memory of those, like my great-great-great-great-grandfather, who tried to save this city 200 years ago.

Building and funding this bridge will reconfirm the reasons why I chose to make a life here — and buy a house here. And it will help make Toronto a better home for both those living here now and those moving here from around the world.

If we can find creative solutions to fund other initiatives (transit, garbage) surely we can do something to support this bridge as envisioned and strengthen the future of Toronto’s history.

Toronto council voted 22‒23 against the motion on May 18, 2011, effectively killing this or any other bridge for the next five years.