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Blogging Toronto

(The following are all via Carl Wilson’s “The Empire Strikes Blog.”) Toronto blogging goes big-time with the arrival of the franchised “metro” blog, Torontoist. Too bad they didn’t call it TOist. So far nothing wild; but nothing too sad, either. In the logo is, from left to right:

  1. an unrecognizable skyscraper;
  2. city hall;
  3. OCAD’s tabletop;
  4. CN Tower;
  5. SkyDome (?);
  6. and presumably, a streetcar.

Apparently, former eye-guy Marc Weisblott has been doing a Toronto city blog since September. His is much less bloggy, and feels much more like a real webzine. Though I’ll be following both for a while, I’m thinking Weisblott’s Better Living Centre will come out on top.

Interestingly, neither have openly discussed by the city’s blog clique despite an open call a month or so ago for bloggers to work on, presumably, Torontoist.