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June 2010’s Posts.

  1. Proportional leading, fluid line length

    Using msnbc.com's new design to talk about a way to improve typography

  2. New designs on news

    The new msnbc.com design represents a whole new way for editors to report the news online

  3. Kettled in at the G20

    Reporter on being in a public intersection that became a de facto detention centre

  4. Photos of G20 in Toronto

    Hard to see Toronto looking like this, even if it's a tiny snapshot of what really happened

  5. Talking to Canadians

    Say what you will about about the G20, at least it's got American news outlets looking north

  6. G8 police intimidate reporter

    Police use extensive security measures on a veteran, accredited journalist trying cover the summit

  7. Targetting iPhone 4

    A simple CSS-based media query can help improve the design of the high resolution device

  8. IE9 and HTML5

    Third developer preview looks amazing, all the more so to those debugging early IE browsers

  9. Photography and Canadian law

    Comprehensive listing of the laws and how the apply to shooting pictures across Canada

  10. RIP Tracy Wright

    One of the most interesting actors in Canadian film, television, in theatre is now gone

  11. Chimp warfare

    Fascinating portrait of war as waged by chimpanzees, and possibly, humanity, too

  12. FEED Magazine back

    The archive for one of the most influential online magazines is finally back online

  13. Notes on typography

    Seventy years ago, Vanity Fair announced it has toned down its experiment with Modernism

  14. Typical American expressions

    As defined by the U.S. military's own training branch

  15. A deacade of the globeandmail.com

    Canada's national newspaper looks back at 10 years of online news coverage

  16. Publishing on the iPad

    "The iPad ... is a joint venture between editorial, technology and business development"

  17. OECD on newspapers

    Globally things are looking tough for printed newspapers, but the online business shows promise

  18. IE9 best practices

    Overview of how, when, and why to use Internet Explorer's compatibility features

  19. Sliding captcha

    Clever UI for filtering robots and a few more tweaks would even make it accessible

  20. The price of an iPhone

    There's a growing unease about the disparity between the manufacturing and marketing of Apple products

  21. NYTimes.com creating public beta

    Beta620 will be a parallel site to test new features for the newspaper's site

  22. CBC...beyond repair

    Ryerson Review of Journalism publishes another of its trademark critiques, this time on CBC New

  23. Scribd as a low-cost mag-app

    Magazines looking for an app-like experience should consider the HTML5-based Scribd service

  24. Le Monde fin?

    The uniquely managed French newspaper (journalists have control and veto rights) confronts bankruptcy

  25. Saila CSS layouts, revisited

    An update to the tableless CSS-based, liquid, three-column layout that uses HTML 5 and CSS 3 selectors, and works in Internet Explorer 7 and up; Gecko-based browsers like Firefox; Webkit browsers like Safari and Chrome; as well as the Opera browser.

  26. Mind over mass media

    Stephen Pinker in response to all the talk of how the Web is ruining our brains

  27. Hyphenation online

    A seemingly easy way to justify, and nicely hyphenate, text online

  28. News site readability

    Great analysis of the design problems with online news sites (and a elegant solution, too)

  29. Safari fine

    The latest upgrade to Apple's Web browser brings a promising set of new features.

  30. Emerging business strategies

    The 3-year deal FiveThirtyEight struck with The New York Times suggests a new business option for micro-content companies

  31. What Clay Shirky reads

    The most surprising thing might be how (Web) mainstream his media diet is

  32. The summer of the city

    Toronto reveals its true face in a trio of movies released in 2010

  33. The last typewriter repairmen

    Photo essay on about a waning trade, some good lessons to be found in the index typewriter, too

  34. Putting links at the end

    An another argument that fails to convince me why inline article links are bad

  35. In defence of a newsweekly

    An interesting (and almost anonymous) response (via Tumblr) to David Carr's piece about Newsweek's future

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