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Online media matters


July 2003’s Posts.

  1. CBC listenership; Frank’s angel; climate data online

    News that the CBC is now the third-most listened to radio station in Canada is a good-news/bad-news scenario: while it’s good that more people are listening to my favourite media outlet, most of the listeners are older. (The CBC is trying to attract younger listeners, but the results recent changes may not have shown up in this survey.)

  2. SARS-Stock and Chicago 15

    Today is SARS-Stock. While it’s doubtful this will actually relieve Toronto’s bruised tourism and service sectors, it has been an “emotional rescue” for pun-loving journalists.

  3. Firebird extensions

    As promised, Firebird 0.6.1 is out. I’m running it using the Firebird Modern theme with some added extensions designed to mimic or improve on the default Mozilla behaviours:

  4. Web development bookmarklets; Mozilla 1.5a, Firebird 0.6.1, and Thunderbird released; simple forms

    Jesse Rudman has a collection of a dozen-half Mozilla-friendly Web development bookmarklets, many of which also work in IE and Opera. Three work in Netscape 4.

  5. Inline lists and rounded corners

    Old memes are burping to the surface, including inline lists and rounded corners. The former was inspired by a new article at evolt, the latter by a Adam Kalsey’s method for rounding corners. In both cases Eric Meyer shared some of his insight.

  6. Between excess and temperance

    Creating an effective, standard-compliant page can be done by remembering three simple rules and one big caveat.

  7. Balancing semantic mark-up with effective design

    Inspired by postings today on evolt.org’s lists and CSS Discuss, I wrote a new piece on balancing semantic mark-up with effective design.

  8. What would you change?

    My Blogger problems have forced me to speed up my oft-delayed overhaul of the entire site. Despite my sporadic in postings here, progress elsewhere is being achieved. Which leads me to…

  9. Webstandards.TO meeting; Netscape goes quietly

    The next Webstandards.TO is meeting tonight. I probably won’t be making it, but you should — this month it’s at the Duke of York.

  10. The future of Web browsers; CSS design variations

    Never fails post a message saying it will be quiet, and then post a bunch of links a few days later.

  11. Update: few updates coming

    Updates here will be a bit quite here for a little while because:

  12. From Web to print

    Just as one of Canada's national papers is on its deathbed, another begins online with its eye on a paper product

  13. Building fans online

    Here’s an idea that hasn’t surfaced for a while (and runs counter to some recent predictions): build a publication then move it to print. This time round, though, it’s a national newspaper. A Canadian national newspaper.

  14. CSS design competition; Meyer interviewed

    Rudy alerted me (and thelist) to a new CSS design competition in the spirit of the CSS Zen Garden hosted by SitePoint. Nice to see this meme spreading.

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