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The future of Web browsers; CSS design variations

Never fails post a message saying it will be quiet, and then post a bunch of links a few days later.

Sandy McMurray has some good thoughts about what Yahoo’s purchase of Overture means for online publishing.

At work, discussion about dropping Netscape 4 as a supported browser has started. (The ideas was spurred after someone read an analyst’s comments about the future of Netscape after Microsoft’s deal with AOL). Were this to happen, it would finally mean we could start supporting standards in a real way.

Meanwhile, at evolt.org, Peter-Paul Koch offers some controversial, but interesting, opinions in a lengthy analysis on what the future of Web browsers might be.

Everything you want to know about Uniform Resource Identifiers but were afraid to ask.

Al Sparber at PVII shows tables and CSS can mix in a good demonstration of a layout that keeps things together as it degrades. Mark Schenk, on the other hand, is boldly “pushing CSS to the limits.”