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Online media matters


March 30, 2004’s Posts.

  1. Print, past; future…?

    David Akin points out that the latest newspaper readership numbers show the papers are actually losing younger readers (or perhaps more accurately, they aren’t attracting new younger readers). So where are those people going for their news? Maybe the Web sites of said newspapers — I know I have for the past eight years or so.

  2. Netscape resurrected?

    Seems like Netscape as a browser may not be so dead after all. Rumours are swirling that sometime this summer will see a new version (likely dubbed 7.2 or 7.5) of the stalwart browser. The news has sparked some high-level in-fighting in the very public forums at MozillaZine about which version of Mozilla should be considered the stable, or gold-standard, for the next year or so.

  3. Black on TV

    Lord Conrad Black will now have to suffer the ignominy of a TV movie of his life; CTV has confirmed that it will be adapting the biography, Shades of Black. Of course, Black could do worse than have the Churchillian Albert Finney portray him

  4. Toronto’s subway at 50

    Toronto’s — and Canada’s — first subway system (which is now in desperate need of much more than the expected $1-billion funding boost) turns 50 today. The first line ran up and down 7.6 km of Yonge St. and even had its own song. Although the TTC site has a photo album of its major line openings, a much better picture can be found in the comprehensive Toronto Transit blog

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