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Living Can Kill You

Toronto votes; IE 3 and 4; PIE tutorials

Torontonians (and other Ontarians): don’t forget to vote today.

While on the topic of voting: could this intro for the Toronto Star’s “Young voters baffle experts” be any more patronizing?

It’s one more way that young people may seem to be on another planet.

When it comes to the X and Y-generation’s voting habits, political scientists agree unanimously that they are awful.

But the reasons? Well, you might as well ask why they dye their hair green, choose uncomfortable underwear or wear pants around their knees so they can’t walk normally.

The rest of the article, isn’t much better. (And newspapers wonder why their average reader’s age isn’t getting any younger.) Thankfully, Star has published a much better examination on the factors influencing voter turnout.

For those who think is more is better, Ryan of Skyzyx has the files for a standalone IE 3 and 4.

Position is Everything publishes two new articles (“Float: The Theory” and “Flowing and Positioning”) explaining how CSS’s float and position properties alter the flow of elements on a page.

(The two prior items are via webgraphics.)