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November 2004’s Posts.

  1. Firefox’s Monster: the Netscape Browser

    The Netscape browser has been resurrected and the limited beta was released today. The good news: it still uses the Gecko rendering engine and is based on Firefox 0.9.3 — the final will be based on Firefox 1.0. The bad news: its interface is horrible, and has mangled everything usable and friendly about Firefox.

  2. Supporting standards would break the Web

    So says Microsoft, although Tristan Nitot deflects that dose of FUD.

  3. Wikinews a go

    Wired News has an overview of the first steps of the open-source news site.

  4. ITunes Canada days away

    Apple plans on finally launching the service before the end of December.

  5. Eye readers pick Toronto’s best media

    Radio I agree with, and sadly I only know of two of the “blogs” cited.

  6. Blog Torrent

    BitTorrent for your blog

  7. New Opera resizes pages

    Opera 7.60 (a preview release right now) dynamically resizes wide pages to fit a narrow browser window.

  8. The life and times of Frank

    The Globe and Mail engages in some schadenfreude over the fate of Frank.

  9. News.com does TrackBack

    For the uninitiated, TrackBacks and pingbacks are MovableType-popularized technology that lets one site know another is linking to its content. The TrackBacks appear as an excerpt of the what the linking site says about the other’s content. Like commenting, TrackBacks provide quick feedback on a particular post and allows for an ongoing, open dialog. Until now, blogs have made the most use of it, but now News.com is doing it and I must admit, I admire their moxyie.

  10. Why newspapers should worry

    And trust me, they are, and some are even trying to change.

  11. Browser bug report

    A database dedicated to dedicated to finding, mending and publishing CSS and JavaScript browser bugs

  12. Mind your cites and Qs

    Roger Johansson covers almost everything you know about the q, blockquote, and cite.

  13. Rather resigning

    CBS’s only post-Cronkite anchor is resigning with the taste of scandal to remember him by.

  14. The computer as novelist

    A New York Times essay wonders whether computers will ever be able to write novels as good as we can.

  15. Typography tips

    Online companion to Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students

  16. Style sheets for handheld devices

    A css-discuss Wiki entry discussing the latest trends in handheld support for CSS.

  17. Open Letter to Devil Dogs of the 3.1

    Kevin Sites explains to the marines how his story of the mosque shooting happened

  18. The future of online news is EPIC

    Robert Sloan’s prediction of EPIC in 2014.

  19. Semantic and XHTML validator

    Want to make sure your XHTML is really really valid, try this.

  20. Keeping it simple

    Adam Bosworth’s transcript of his ISCOC04 Talk on accommodating really simple user and programmer models.

  21. XUL file manager

    A Windows-like file manager for a remote computer using XUL.

  22. Four million daily emails for Bill Gates

    Famous email addresses and their spam count.

  23. TV over the phone

    Bell Canada finally gets the rights to send television over its phone lines.

  24. Handy Web project guides

    Goto Guides offer a number of helpful and downloadable resources for Web development projects.

  25. People read online!

    The Christian Science Monitor explains what that means.

  26. Torontoist songs for a Wednesday

    Every mecredi the city blog will be offering Toronto-inspired downloads.

  27. Overture’s RSS ads

    Interstitails could be the way to make RSS ads more effective.

  28. Top news sites for October 2004

    Though no Canadian sites are listed, per captia many would few handily beat their American competitors.

  29. More AOL using Mozilla rumours

    This time, the company that killed Netscape is looking for testers.

  30. Stanford marches with madness

    Can a marching band be composed of anarchists?

  31. Crawley’s crusade

    My ultimate boss, Philip Crawley, has lead the Globe’s possibly unwinnable fight against the Post.

  32. Blogging Toronto

    (The following are all via Carl Wilson’s “The Empire Strikes Blog.”) Toronto blogging goes big-time with the arrival of the franchised “metro” blog, Torontoist. Too bad they didn’t call it TOist. So far nothing wild; but nothing too sad, either. In the logo is, from left to right:

  33. Videogame to debut Snoop Dogg/Doors “Riders on the Storm” cover

    Proof that Jim Morrison’s dead, because if he was alive, he’d smash a bottle of Jack over all their heads.

  34. “Music is not a loaf of bread”

    Wilco proves that online music-sharing can be a good thing.

  35. Acrobat Reader 7 coming

    The new version will allow you to edit PDF files.

  36. Two IT sites launch standards-based sites

    Softchoice and EDS.com both launched valid, CSS-based redeigns on the weekend.

  37. Dow Jones buys MarketWatch

    One of the sites I work on was heavily modelled on MarketWatch; in part because the former site’s editor worked on the latter, but also because the latter’s approach to covering the markets works.

  38. Dow Jones buys MarketWatch

    The New York Times reports the site was sold for almost half-a-billion dollars.

  39. Yahoo hires WSJ.com founding editor

    Rumours are it's looking at CBS Marketwatch, too.

  40. Masthead putting up a wall

    The trade magazine for Canada’s magazine industry will be closing its site to non-subscribers come December.

  41. Internet tax for Canada

    Unlike the, albeit misguided, blank CD levy, we’d pay an tax but get no rights in return.

  42. Saerch results on the fly

    A dynymaic search using xmlhttprequest and inspired by Apple’s upcoming Spotlight feature.

  43. Military(.com) buys blog

    Is this the next big cash-in trend?

  44. Spinning-off online journalism

    Mark Glaser tries to explain why the newly profitable news sites are being sold.

  45. Future of digital media

    Jeff Jarvis prognosticates on the changes in store for media

  46. Open source newspapers

    The Northwest Voice prints articles from submitted online from the community and published on the Web.

  47. Beautiful browser…

    Molly sings Firefox’s praises to the tune of “Beautiful dreamer.”

  48. November 25: RRJ fund raiser

    The first magazine I brought online, the Ryerson Review of Journalism is hosting a fund raiser at DNA Lounge.

  49. Dynamic image notation

    Seen Flicker? Well, this adds notes to images in a similar same way.

  50. Firefox 1.0

    Mozilla is a marvel. Six years ago it was born. Eighteen months ago its browser suite roared across the Web. Today, Mozilla released its “tiny, perfect browser,” Firefox.

  51. Clark on Indigo

    Joe rips into the latest Indigo redesign and includes a “Saila reference”.

  52. Another petition for Internet users’s rights

    A printable petition urging Canada not to adopt the WIPO’s Internet Treaties.

  53. Petition against WIPO Copyright Treaty

    A virtual petition urging Canada not to ratify the treaty.

  54. Keep Canada’s Internet free

    Boing Boing explains the dangers of the WIPO “Internet Treaties”

  55. Some stability for the CBC

    Robert Rabinovitch gets to stay on as CBC president for another three years.

  56. The homepage is obsolete, part II

    Joshua Porter’s follow-up to his Digital Web Magazine article on content aggregation.

  57. CSS property compatibility chart

    The chart shows all CSS1, CSS2 and Internet Explorer CSS extensions and grades the level of support each recieves in a given browser.

  58. The homepage is obsolete

    Joshua Porter, in Digital Web Magazine, explains how content aggregators are changing navigation styles.

  59. Uncollapsing margins

    Eric A. Meyer explains how to reverse the margin collapse.

  60. Best of luck today, neighbours

    May your vote for president (cough, not Bush, cough) be easier than depicted in this video.

  61. Speeding up browser evolution

    Mike Davidson compares Flash to browsers and comes up with some thought provoking ideas.

  62. A pleasant Findory redesign

    The news site spiffs-up the look, and enhances its offerings

  63. A horrendous chapters.indigo.ca redesign

    An inaccessible, standards-unfriendly, Amazon.ca rip-off that I date not even link to directly.

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