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System styles; stopping mega media mergers

A discussion on evolt’s thelist reverting forms to the system style introduced me to Jeff Howden’s chart of User-Defined Colors, Fonts, & Cursors. As I mentioned in a subsequent post, although system colours will be deprecated in CSS3 a new property called appearance will be introduced which allows, with one value, the author to specify the users default system’s “color, font, background, padding, border, and margin.” Also some of the values in Jeff’s table only IE6 currently supports have made their way into this draft (specifically the values in font and cursor).

Whoa, didn’t see this coming: the U.S. Senate has repealed the law that would have allowed mega media companies to grow even larger by owning more than one media outlet in a city. What makes this all the more interesting is that the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, a.k.a., the U.S. President’s own party.

Unlike the Canada, where this kind of media concentration is allowed (if not liked), the U.S. doesn’t have a real public broadcaster (i.e., the CBC) to balance the corporate news powerhouses, and that understandably, has many Americans worried.