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September 2005’s Posts.

  1. Judith Miller freed

    Her source (U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff) “voluntarily and personally” released her of her promise of confidentiality.

  2. Brandless icons for documents

    Hate seeing a branded icon for your HTML or MP3 files? Try these.

  3. Dream project

    Imagine your dream project. Now imagine it being handed to you. What would you do?

  4. Wireless VoIP

    Use a “softphone” to transform almost any device into a telephone.

  5. A List Apart on columns

    Examines how to support CSS3’s multicolumns using JavaScript and how to split lists.

  6. In the Hot Zone

    Kevin Sites is a one man reporter whose wat coverage has garnered him a lot of well-deserved respect. Now he’s doing it for Yahoo!

  7. 2005 Online Journalism Awards Finalists

    Good range of nominees, including work by The Globe and Mail’s Stephanie Nolen and Joel Corda.

  8. Solving the onload dilemma

    Dean Edwards has crafted a clever way to initialize events before “onload.”

  9. PHP Canadian?!

    This I did not know: PHP was apparently created by a Canadian (as was Java).

  10. Screen reading and line lengths

    Joe Clark digs up some research that says longer may be better.

  11. Axing journalists

    The New York Times is cutting at least 100 journalist from its payroll. This is not the direction the industry should be going (even if we all secretly feel it is).

  12. Opera is free

    Looks like the trial free registration was no trial. Opera is free, including its newest version, 8.5.

  13. Improving printed Web pages

    Aaron Gustafson riffs on how best to display URLs in a printed Web page.

  14. Add a comment at The Globe and Mail

    The Globe and Mail becomes the first mainstream media outlet in Canada to allow its regular readers to comment directly on the news presented on its Web site.

  15. The Globe and Mail: now comments-enabled

    Just spent a lot of hours finishing up what has become the first comments-enabled manistream news Web site in Canada. Yes, The Globe and Mail is now taking comments on its news pages. For a full write-up, read the latest rant.

  16. Indie Fantasy League

    Don’t know which non-music blogger mentioned this, but it was funny then. Pitchfork’s take is scary brillant.

  17. Truly randomizing a playlist

    Dan Goodin explores what random playlists really mean, and whether that’s what we actually want.

  18. Love the semi-colon

    A defence of one of my personal favourite punctuation marks.

  19. Typetester

    Marko Dugonjić has built a snazzy online tool for comparing how two differently set types appear online.

  20. Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

    Microsoft releases a Web developer toolbar that mimics Chris Pederick’s, and is available for IE 6 and 7.

  21. Bell, Rogers building wireless network together

    Details are a bit sketchy, but it sounds like the two will be creating a WiMax network accessible to the majority of Canadians.

  22. Primus sets it right

    The fourth in a series reveals that Primus may let me get VoIP while keeping my current local number.

  23. Dose’s Pill

    A mob-blog from a free tab? Are they mad, or just buzzing up the same market as Virgin?

  24. Guardian redesign

    The British Guardian unveiled a massive redesign the likes of which may be coming here in the coming years.

  25. Editing live Web pages

    PPK makes an all the paragraphs on the page editable by transforming them into textareas. Clever and simple.

  26. ChicagoCrime.org wins big journalism award

    Adrian Holovaty and his ChicagoCrime.org wins $10,000 Batten Award.

  27. Sold! For $2.6 billion to eBay: Skype

    The auction site owns PayPal, and just bought skype for a huge sum. VoIP is hot this year.

  28. The Mayor, the cheque, and the subway

    This is why David Miller is the greatest — the mayor of Toronto actually rode the subway back to work carrying a giant promotional cheque.

  29. Seeking standards-based Web developer

    LIke the title says, there’s an opening for a developer in Toronto who breathes Web standards.

  30. Seeking standards-based Web developer

    Keith was mentioning it earlier, and I agree, it’s hard to find good Web standards developers. So with that in mind, consider this an open call for ones in the Toronto area. Essentially, I’m looking to hear from those who dream live Web standards, and dream semantic mark-up. Being a news junkie who knows why * html can make IE behave is a definite bonus.

  31. VoIP with Primus — so close

    This third rant in a series on my attempts to get VoIP details how close to success I came before being stopped in mid-stride.

  32. Firefox 1.5 Beta 1

    This is a beta beta, but the reviews are pretty solid so far. Developers download and check it out.

  33. Bell doing VoIP in Toronto

    Bell Canada is finally offering VoIP to its Toronto-area customers (like me!). Bah.

  34. CanWest spins off papers

    As expected, CanWest is turning its newspapers and interactive media into a trust. Missing: the National Post, which spurs further speculation.

  35. Readers review TIFF films

    The Globe and Mail is letting readers submit their reviews of films in the Toronto International Film Festival.

  36. Rapid Web development with Firefox

    Great S5 slideshow explaining how to use Firefox for Web development — includes pointers to some very worthwhile extensions.

  37. Hell freezes over: Slashdot doing CSS

    Just as Firefox is about to render the old site’s horrible HTML properly, Slashdot readies with an all CSS-layout

  38. JavaScript Logging

    A List Apart publishes a offers a great resource for debugging JavaScript effectively.

  39. CanCon in a digital world

    Are Canadian content rules even relevant anymore, when every computer gives onregulatable access to a world of music?

  40. Good writing advice

    Some good, and simple, advice about writing; put the ending first.

  41. New Orleans: Post-Katrina

    Google Maps has updated its coverage to include images from the devastated city of New Orleans.

  42. The new strict mode in IE7

    The Internet Explorer development team looks to be adding, wisely, CSS 2.1 support only in strict mode.

  43. hasLayout explained

    Markus Mielke explains what Internet Explorer means when it uses “hasLayout” — quite informative.

  44. Workopolis redesign

    Canada’s biggest job site redesigns and offers a employer/job seeker login option.

  45. Chatelaine shake-up

    Canada’s magazine world is very small, so the story of Kim Pittaway’s resignation from Chatelaine is rich with juicy gossip.

  46. The 50 Most Toronto

    Marc Weisblott is getting a greatest Torontonian-type project underway an wants your help.

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