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March 2007’s Posts.

  1. It's what we call the news

    JibJab on the state of the news media.

  2. Toronto's new street "furniture"

    Joe Clark has extracted the renderings of the street furniture proposals and posted them on Flickr.

  3. EyeTrack07

    Finally: some hard data to counter the perception people only scane text while reading online.

  4. Worldmapper

    Redrawing the world according a range of economic and social measures

  5. CBC unleashes more podcasts

    Selections include Radio News, World at Six, The House and some podcast-specific offerings

  6. NADbank 2006 Readership Study

    Canada's newspaper readership in the top markets is stable, and more than 17 percent read an online edition.

  7. State of the (U.S.) news media in 2007

    Excellent overview of the journalism industry as it heads into 2007.

  8. How to save newspapers

    Doc Searls offers some smart advice for improving newspapers fortunes online

  9. Web apps outside the browser

    A comprehensive summary of Apollo (and WPF/E) and what it means for Web app developers.

  10. dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide

    Brian Fling's ebook on Web development for the mobile world is available as a free download.

  11. Dean Edwards' base2.DOM

    A JavaScript library that makes sure every browser does the DOM scripting the W3C way.

  12. CakePHP v. CodeIgnitor

    Snook does an excellent comparision of the two PHP-based MVCs

  13. Installed fonts

    As detected by CSS and JavaScript (this version has a nicer UI than the original)

  14. 24 killing the Sun?

    It looks like Quebecor's free, daily newspaper mortally is wounding it's paid-circulation tabloid.

  15. Management By Optimism

    This nails a nasty little trend I've been seeing quite frequently.

  16. Web-based project tools

    An overview of Web-based tools for planning, budgeting, and developing projects.

  17. Em Calculator

    Useful for any CSS developer looking to figure out what 0.625em actual is.

  18. W3C relaunches HTML

    First draft due this summer, final recommendation 2010. Expected adoption: 2015.

  19. Opera wants a VIDEO tag

    The browser vendor is proposing a new element for video in HTML5. What OBJECT doesn't work for you?!

  20. Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the DOMs

    Three top guns from three top browsers talk DOM in this Yahoo Video.

  21. Reaction to the new USAToday.com

    Bout sums it up

  22. Newspapers have 25 years left

    More predictions on the death of the newspaper in the face of online news outlets

  23. MySpace for finance geeks

    Reuters plans on launching a social networking service

  24. Prototype/script.aculo.us TextMate bundle

    For all those TextMate users who do JavaScript work, this is for you.

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