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Online media matters


August 2006’s Posts.

  1. Fine Young Journalist signs-off

    Nothing left to say for the blog tracking how media is trying to attract a younger audience.

  2. Finalists for 2006 Online Journalism Awards

    No Canadian outlets make the cut.

  3. Hoping for new Web core fonts

    Jeff Crofts is aksing Apple and Windows to make the new Vista typefaces available on other platforms, too.

  4. Toronto Star offers downloadable afternoon edition

    Modeled on The Guardian's offering, this is a very smart initiative.

  5. Edit this (Wired) story

    Wired News has done a story on wikis, in a wiki, and is inviting users to improve it.

  6. Tips for improving JavaScript

    Sure it's for targetted for Internet Explorer 7, but the advice is worth listening to no matter the browser.

  7. More media, less news

    Newspapers now get the Internet (and the dollars from it), but they still may not be doing enough.

  8. The killing of newspapers

    The Economist wonders who killed newspapers and offers some analyis on the various suspects.

  9. Defining the media shift

    Mark Glaser breaks down "oldthink" and "newthink" in the media, and — despite the Orwellian-like terms -- offers some good insight

  10. CSS changes in IE7

    Comprehensive change-log of all the CSS fixes to be found in Internet Explorer 7.

  11. Bringing CANVAS to IE

    Some JavaScript libraries that bring the improved vector graphic functionality (already in Firefox and Safari) to Internet Explorer

  12. Canadians get news online

    Of the 61 percent of Canadian households online, most are using it everyday to get their news.

  13. CBC lock-out spark for blogs

    Blogs about the Mother Corp. were almost non-existence until management locked CBC employees out.

  14. Flash at 10

    I still remember encountering the first pages using FutureSplash...

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