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April 2010’s Posts.

  1. -moz-any()

    Interesting selector proposed by the Mozilla crew that brings group to CSS selectors

  2. Gaining pay walls and losing page views

    Sometimes, it pays to have list people clicking more pages as more online publications are finding.

  3. Is a blogger a journalist, part 73

    Gizomodo argues the editor who broke the story about the new iPhone is protected from a search warrant

  4. State of the Web 2010

    Lots of good data on the latest trends in the Web design industry

  5. 1.1 billion served

    NPR opened its content to everyone via an API and has solved its distribution problem

  6. Touch reference guide

    A comprehensive blueprint defining the de facto UI conventions for touch devices like the iPhone and Surface

  7. World Bank opens data

    Freeing access to more than 2,000 financial, business, health, economic and human development stats

  8. CSS raindrop

    Nice example of what CSS gradients can do with some minimal code.

  9. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    One of Canada’s defining documents has been re-published in a new format to make it easier for people to discover what being Canadian is.

  10. Where Microsoft beats Apple

    Joe Clark aims his immeasurable knowledge of type straight at the company loved by designers

  11. Fonts on the iPhone and iPad

    A list of the 22 and 44 fonts natively installed on each respective device

  12. Open Parliament

    A long overdue service to easily search what was said while the Canadian government was in session

  13. SFGate.com cartoonists wins Pulitzer

    First time an online-only publication has one the prestigious prize for editorial content

  14. Opera Mini on the iPhone

    Apple approves the Opera mobile browser for use on its iPhone and iPod - could Fennec be next?

  15. Naming the permalink

    A nice little rant about how to structure a friendly URL

  16. A tale of two Steves

    Jobs, not Woz, defines the Apple we know today, and it is all about perfectly closed systems

  17. To get to the other side

    A genuine rant inspired by waiting to cross the street and counting the cars going by

  18. Why the iPad is dangerous

    Cory Doctrow says the "technical and social infrastructure that accompanies" the iPad suppresses creativity

  19. Showcase for iPad apps

    Many of the early designs for apps seem overly inspired by their analogue counter parts

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