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October 2005’s Posts.

  1. PM²’s first podcast

    Yes, the Prime Minister of Canada is doing a weekly podcast, though they don’t dare call it that. When’s the mash-up appear?

  2. Canadian Web design salaries and rates

    Joe Clark opines on a recetn salary survery for Canadian and Torontonian Web folk. Given my experience, the rates seem about right.

  3. JavaScript libraries

    A good overview of the popular Web 2.0 JavaScript libraries (formerly known as DHTML libraries).

  4. “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”

    CBC president Robert Rabinovitch falls during his Heritage Committee testimony.

  5. Eye redesigns

    For its fourteenth birthday (has it been that long?), Eye gets a full-colour redesign (but the site is awful).

  6. Searching of the “one true layout”

    Alex Robinson tackles CSS layouts using floats and builds a totally flexible layout.

  7. On Montreal and Broken Social Scene

    Douglas Bell provides a beautiful takedown of a hilariously misinformed The New York Times review of Broken Social Scene’s latest release.

  8. Canadian Magazines blog

    Yes, a blog about the small, crazy magazine industry in Canada.

  9. Opera 9 preview

    Lots of nice little fixes across the board, with the browser moving closer to the Firefox app behaviour.

  10. Dean Edward’s addEvent

    Don’t really get what’s going on here yet, but others think it rock solid.

  11. Saturday Night done, again

    The magazine that always seems to die, only to be reborn, is dead again.

  12. The new “addEvent”

    Haven’t played with it at all, but will be using this new way to add events universally.

  13. Doing sidenotes

    A better solution to presenting footnotes can be easy in CSS.

  14. Longing for the World Without Web

    Some days, I must admit, I agree with Mr. Ford’s stated sentiments.

  15. The Globe and Mail a top Google News source

    According to survey of Google News, The Globe and Mail is the top Canadian news source, and the 22nd top source overall.

  16. Support the right-of-way for streetcars on St Clair

    The Save our St Clair lobby group succeeded in shutting down the construction of a dedicated right-of-way for streetcar; this petition aims to get theproject back-on-track.

  17. Oh, the irony

    IEBlog asks CSS developers to stop using hacks, but the logic seems a bit fuzzy.

  18. iPod Video

    Figures; buy a Nano, and a new iPod comes out. Still not solid on portable video, but buying TV shows for $2 ’ brilliant move that will save movies and TV.

  19. Canada wants to wiretap the Net

    A new bill could allow the government to eavesdrop on the email, Net and/or phone use of more than 8,000 simultaneous interceptions around the clock, every day of the year.

  20. Does this mean the tide is turning?

    This Free iPod banner doesn’t want you to hit the monkey — it invites you to sound of on the war in Iraq.

  21. Newspapers need their iPod

    The music industry benefitted from the iPod — now its the newspaper that needs a hot gadget to help its survival.

  22. The Blooker Prize

    The world’s first literary prize devoted to “blooks”: books based on blogs or websites [sic], says the site.

  23. New Toronto blog: Paved

    Marc Weisblott finally convinced the Toronto Stat to do a real blog covering the city.

  24. CSS: Specificity Wars

    Andy Clarke simplifies CSS​selectors for Star Wars fans.

  25. The expanding box problem

    Another Internet Explorer CSS bug explained and fixed. Posting mainly for its suggestion of word-wrap: break-word.

  26. Economist redesigns with standards

    Also offers a day pass. Interesting stuff.

  27. CBC back to work Oct. 11

    CBC will return in all its beaten glory next Tuesday. Hockey Night in Canada will be back for Saturday, though.

  28. How to describe Web 2.0

    Steven Johnson uses a very apt metaphor to describe the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

  29. CBC: deal reached

    After being told to settle their dispute, and given a 48-hour deadline, the CBC management and the Candian Media Guild (CMG) did just that last night. The Great CBC Lockout looks to be over. Finally.

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