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November 2005’s Posts.

  1. Firefox 1.5 released

    And the improvements over version 1.0 are well worth the download.

  2. Mozilla.com

    The commercial site for Mozilla has launched (in time for the 1.5 releases of Firefox)

  3. Tantek on CSS filters and hacks

    The man who popularized CSS workarounds sounds-off on the current state of affairs.

  4. CSS beyond the Web browser

    Bert Bos and Håkon Wium Lie use CSS to create a printed book.

  5. Canada.com goes standard

    Yet another Canadian news site unveiled a standards-based redesign, this time canada.com. Unlike the Toronto Star redesign (which was likely hampered by a crusty CMS), canada.com’s mark-up is much cleaner and elegant. Not exactly semantic, but not too crufty either.

  6. Canada’s government on the brink

    Now, it’s just a matter of minutes before the opposition parties in Canada’s parliament pass a motion of non-confidence in the Liberal government of PM². When that happens, Canadians will mark their ballots for the second time in less than two years — the date, likely Janaury 23, 2006.

  7. The 33 hottest bands in Canada

    Canada’s music bloggers, writers and critics pick the hottest in 2005. No real surpises, but all quite genuine.

  8. Really reimagine a newspaper

    Ethan Kaplan reimagines a newspaper as a dot-com shop. Radical, but real (for some papers).

  9. Really reimagine a newspaper

    Ethan Kaplan reimagines a newspaper as a dot-com shop. Radical, but real (for some papers).

  10. Web 2.0 Bingo

    Buzzword bingo for the new boom.

  11. Web 2.0 Checklist

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true!

  12. Journal of Usability Studies

    A peer-reviewed online journal about, well, usability.

  13. Instant filler text, improved

    Now you can specify the number of words or type of elements to be automatically created.

  14. mashingtonpost.com

    Adrian Holovaty makes his mark (again) by open-sourcing the washingtonpost.com site.

  15. Oh the irony: AOL selling online ads for CBC

    Canada’s national broadcaster will enlist America On-Line to become the exclusive seller of advertising to former’s Web site.

  16. Paying Visa bill in pennies

    Protest over privacy threat results in a nearly 10-metre long credit card statement.

  17. del.icio.us does command line

    A newish feature makes the breadcrumb/page title/navigation bar act like a command line. Not completely intuitive, but works.

  18. Survey of online journalism skills

    The Medill School of Journalism is conducting a brief survey on about the skills that online journalists and producers ought to have.

  19. WebPatterns

    John Allsop continues his noble efforts to bring patterns to the wild Web.

  20. Batelle on a better Boom

    John Battelle opines in The New York Times on how to do Web 2.0 right.

  21. Tab in a textarea

    Tabinta lets Firefox users use the tab key within a textarea.

  22. Anti-gravity spaceship patented!

    No joke: The U.S. Patent Office approved Boris Volfson’s “concept.”

  23. Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 delayed?

    Rumour has it Windows Vista’s Beta 2 is being delayed, meaning the new browser version may be, too.

  24. Innovation with corporations

    Why big companies have a hard time innovating, and how that can be fixed.

  25. CSSVista

    In one app, preview and edit CSS in two browsers.

  26. Digital Think

    I think it’s a book supported by a Flash Web site with a McLuhan-follower’s-esque penchant for newspeak. Intersting, though.

  27. 130,000 actively pay for TimesSelect

    In the first two months, the number of people paying to read nytimes.com is huge (even after newspaper subscribers are substracted).

  28. Newsvine

    Mike Davidson’s new project could explode (in a good or bad way) — it has some very smart grounding.

  29. Selling TV episodes

    As predicted, more networks are selling old shows on-demand, for cheap. Are you listening, CBC?

  30. Canada gets m-commerce

    The three national wireless service providers have a agreeded to support a standardized system of wireless payments.

  31. The Rabble Podcast Network

    Politically progressive webzine rabble.ca launches a hub for like-minded podcasts.

  32. Instant filler text

    A clever little script automatically loads up waiting elements with some generic text.

  33. The Web browser market as a high school party

    Maybe it’s jsut funny because I don’t use Opera or maybe it’s perfect satire.

  34. Toronto Star goes all CSS

    Well, credit where credit is due: the Toronto Star unveiled a redesign that makes it the first major news site in Canada to use a CSS-based layout. Though later than hoped, the Star’s relaunch beat The Globe and Mail by a good couple of months.

  35. Use Internet Explorer’s rendering engine in Firefox

    Netscape 8 did it first, but now Firefox can, too. With IETab, you can view pages in Firefox the way Internet Explorer would show them.

  36. Common class and id values

    John Allsop crawls the Web and finds some truly odd choices for class and id values.

  37. Sonic Youth gets its gear back

    Punk broke in 1991, and eight years later, Sonic Youth’s sound was broken when their equipment was stolen. Now it’s coming back.

  38. The Ultimate getElementsByClassName

    Not sure if it is “the ultimate” but it seems quite comprehensive to me.

  39. BBC podcasts with video

    This is a smart move, and will be the big trend in media for 2006.

  40. The Truth about Internet Explorer 7

    Via, via, via, Chris Wilson repsonds bluntly about the expectations around IE 7.

  41. Worst breadcrumb ever

    The Kingston Whig-Standard’s breadcrumb trail has a nice symmetry. (Thanks Angus)

  42. CBC Radio 3 plans

    The details about the pay-radio satellite service are coming out, as is the little detail about the Web site relaunch being delayed until next year.

  43. Gomery: Latest developments

    Blog-like updates at The Globe and Mail.

  44. Gomery lays blame

    Gomery assigns blame (in Chapter 16 of his first report) to Guité as well as Chrétien, Pelletier and Gagliano. Martin cleared.

  45. Wan-sabi fundamentals

    Yes, it’s another “Eastern philosophy” swallowed by pop culture, but it’s one that reflects Web design’s best practices.

  46. CBC Radio One going Top 40

    To those in charge: CBC Radio is not a commerical enterprise, it is a public broadcaster.

  47. The Gomery Report coverage

    This is it — coverage of a so-called scandal that will be the cause for the next election.

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