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Online media matters


November 7, 2005’s Posts.

  1. Toronto Star goes all CSS

    Well, credit where credit is due: the Toronto Star unveiled a redesign that makes it the first major news site in Canada to use a CSS-based layout. Though later than hoped, the Star’s relaunch beat The Globe and Mail by a good couple of months.

  2. Use Internet Explorer’s rendering engine in Firefox

    Netscape 8 did it first, but now Firefox can, too. With IETab, you can view pages in Firefox the way Internet Explorer would show them.

  3. Common class and id values

    John Allsop crawls the Web and finds some truly odd choices for class and id values.

  4. Sonic Youth gets its gear back

    Punk broke in 1991, and eight years later, Sonic Youth’s sound was broken when their equipment was stolen. Now it’s coming back.

  5. The Ultimate getElementsByClassName

    Not sure if it is “the ultimate” but it seems quite comprehensive to me.

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