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Some Phone/VoIP Posts.

  1. Canadian wireless prices becoming rational

    In less than five months, the 1GB plan for most carriers has dropped in price by more than $2200, but still nearly double U.S. pricing.

  2. Canadian iPhone for January 2008?

    A Molson Export marketing campaign seems to suggest that but everyone involved is denying it.

  3. Leaflets

    Blue Flavor creates a very clever iPhone gateway and templates for a number of Web apps.

  4. Introducing iUI

    Joe Hewitt explains a new AAjax framework for use in building native feeling iPhone Web apps.

  5. Mossberg & Pogue: iPhone not hype

    The two big American tech reviewers praise the iPhone (which passed the typing test) criticizing only the AT&T network

  6. Opera Mini 4 beta

    Mobile browser offers some impressive features, and can be installed on any mobile device

  7. IPhone browser specs

    Details for building iPhone-friendly Web pages say width is 480px; Web standards are best; and it's QuickTime, not Flash

  8. No iPhone for Canada yet

    Rogers and Apple seem to be in no rush to bring the latter's mobile device to Canada

  9. Why the iPhone will be expensive in Canada

    Dave Shea nails the problem with Web apps on mobile devices in Canada

  10. dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide

    Brian Fling's ebook on Web development for the mobile world is available as a free download.

  11. iPhone may become my phone

    This could be the device that finally pulls my into the mobile world.

  12. CRTC clears wireless TV

    Television on your cellphone will be a wild realm where the CRTC will not tread.

  13. Canada gets m-commerce

    The three national wireless service providers have a agreeded to support a standardized system of wireless payments.

  14. Wireless VoIP

    Use a “softphone” to transform almost any device into a telephone.

  15. Primus sets it right

    The fourth in a series reveals that Primus may let me get VoIP while keeping my current local number.

  16. Sold! For $2.6 billion to eBay: Skype

    The auction site owns PayPal, and just bought skype for a huge sum. VoIP is hot this year.

  17. VoIP with Primus — so close

    This third rant in a series on my attempts to get VoIP details how close to success I came before being stopped in mid-stride.

  18. Bell doing VoIP in Toronto

    Bell Canada is finally offering VoIP to its Toronto-area customers (like me!). Bah.

  19. Getting dry DSL hassle-free

    The seconnd in a series of rants about VoIP and dry DSL explains how easy it can be to get both — if you look at it the right way.

  20. The 911 on VoIP

    Canadian police and security services are worried about the difficulties in tracking VoIP calls.

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