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Online media matters


February 2009’s Posts.

  1. Designing Web Interfaces' photostream

    A huge collection of Web interfaces used as support for an O'Reilly book

  2. Guardian's Oscar interactive

    Simple, dull, but a good pattern to examine

  3. jQuery Sparklines

    Create sparklines that render cross-browser

  4. Online dreams for the P-I

    The last breaths of a newspaper that owns the building two other successful online news company are operating out of

  5. Reseting Safari 4

    Don't like the tab bar above the URL bar in Safari 4? Switch it back.

  6. Who uses Twitter?

    Urban, mobile, news-reading thirtysomethings

  7. CanWest faces bankruptcy

    Karmic payback?

  8. Boxee and Hulu

    The transition to the streaming of traditional television online just had a big setback

  9. Design Technologist

    An interesting title for people who aren't really Web developers

  10. CanCon rules coming to the Web?

    The CRTC is floating the idea setting up a $100-million fund to Canadian programming online

  11. Ealy online newspapers

    The Electronic Examiner profiled in a 1981 TV news story

  12. U.S. vs. Canadian Smarties

    Canadians know them as Rockets, Americans call this Canadian-made candy Smarties. How bizarre.

  13. The Globe and Mail lays off 30

    Another 60 take packages at Canada's national newspaper

  14. Optimizing page load times

    Some long held beliefs about Web design actual hurt page performance

  15. Irony

    NYTimes.com may charge for its site again - I've long argued subscriptions made sense if implemented properly

  16. Canadian news digest launching

    My former boss and a former Walrus editor are launch new "online forum for [Canadian] news and opinion"

  17. SuperBowl ad showdown

    For many, the real SuperBowl competition is the ads - take a look this years and pick your favourite

  18. Five Simple Steps released

    One of my most anticipated Web design books has finally been released

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