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August 2009’s Posts.

  1. MSN and Sympatico breakup

    The Canadian mega portal partners are going there separate ways

  2. Yelp augments reality

    The term will wear out faster than the coolness of the feature

  3. …And the Kitchen Sink

    Scott Boms' all-in-one Web development environment is now Snow Leopard ready

  4. Geek's guide to Seattle

    Microsoft and Amazon landmarks are amongst the locations highlighted

  5. An end to movements

    Douglas Rushkoff argues mass media has defeated mass protests

  6. Making the NPR iPhone app

    Good description on the making of a great news app for the iPhone

  7. EveryBlock joins msnbc.com

    Very pleased to finally be working with Adrian Holovaty

  8. More than a wire service

    The Canadian Press tries to survive obscurity by offering page layout and editing services to newspapers

  9. What's in a name?

    For some nostalgia-blinded members of the left a name change for the NDP is sacrilegious

  10. Design pattern collection

    A Flicker-based collection of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows

  11. Seattle as a one-newspaper town

    A look at the news business in Seattle, nearly six months after the P-I, stopped printing

  12. The Globe's new editorial team

    John Stackhouse unveils his new, flatter, editorial management team

  13. IEBlog on IE6

    Reading between the lines, the official browser blog asks people to stop using IE6

  14. Article page design

    How msnbc.com's new story design can help advertising (based on an interview eMedia Vitals did with me)

  15. Enterprising online journalism

    NYTimes profiles msnbc.com's efforts in Elkhart (note: I work for msnbc.com)

  16. Rupert Murdoch to charge for news sites

    Wants a "a company-wide effort to establish a new economic model to profitably transition [News Corp.'s] print properties to digital"

  17. Yahoo's development tools at risk?

    The Microsoft-Yahoo deal creates questions about relying on closed-source tools

  18. Seattlepi.com redesigns

    And by doing so, fixes the biggest problems with the former newspaper web site

  19. TED's design talks

    Some of the best design talks from TED Global 2009

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