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Online media matters


November 2009’s Posts.

  1. Google Wave and Washington police shooting

    Seattle Times has a public wave going on the manhunt - crashed my browser

  2. Twitter and Washington police shooting

    Breaking local news happens, Twitter responds - this is how I've been following the story 2100 miles away

  3. California City

    "In the desert 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles is a suburb abandoned in advance of itself"

  4. Driving from Toronto to Vancouver in 3 minutes

    Amazing time lapse of a 45 hour cross-country drive

  5. 9/11 pager messages

    Incredible snapshot of one of the most important days in modern history

  6. PBS Objectified

    The Independent Lens series airs an abbreviated version of the industrial design documentary on Nov. 24

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen

    The original hipster, as captured in a 1965 NFB documentary

  8. Web Font Specimen

    Build your own reference library for Web typefaces

  9. Visualizing war

    Using visualizations to help understand who is fighting and dying in Afghanistan

  10. IE9 preview

    Rounded corners, CSS3 selectors, greatly improved performance

  11. Notes from Canux 2009

    Bryce Johnson collection of 200 tweets from the conference

  12. Ligature, Loop & Stem

    Limited edition typography products beautifully designed

  13. Lunascape

    One browser with three rendering engines means you can quickly check how page looks in IE, Firefox, and Safari

  14. Seattle P-I aftermath

    Seven months, most laid-off journalists are making less in very different roles

  15. Online news growth visualized

    Nicholas Felton to charts 13 years of CNN.com

  16. The fall of the Wall

    Doug Saunders, and others, look at how the fall of the Berlin Wall affected Europe

  17. Pictures of you(th)

    Pictures from a cultural moment that is definitively gone...grunge

  18. Separating the business from journalism

    Worth remembering: "Journalism at its best is a practice, not an industry"

  19. Another view of the new CBC

    The relaunch highlights the new unified assignment desk, argues a former CBC-er

  20. How we got a visual Web

    An early discussion about loading pictures on Web pages reveals how some things never change

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