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November 2008’s Posts.

  1. The Souvenir Shop

    Pseudo-souvenirs of Canada from some country's best emerging designers

  2. All-in-one browser

    One browser, three rendering engines (IE, Firefox, and Safari); great for testing

  3. Reason #80211 why I like Virgin America

    In-flight Wi-Fi

  4. New ideas for newspapers

    Seth Godin has some original ideas to help newspapers survive online.

  5. Skewing images with JavaScript

    A clever script to do projective transformations of Web-based images using canvas and JavaScript

  6. Making decisions about user research

    Eight questions to ask when debating when to do research

  7. News site design trends

    Overview of the current design looks of news sites (include my place of employ)

  8. Lessons learned about iPhone sites

    Good insights from the folks at Flickr about how to design an optimized mobile site

  9. 5 steps to CBC success

    How to program a national public broadcasting corporation:

  10. ClusterShot


  11. Buy pieces of BSG

    Props and costumes from Battlestar Galatica are being auctioned off. Tempting...

  12. Hipster apocalypse

    A "now hiring" sign at American Apparel store sparks an inspired rant

  13. U.S. election night homepages

    An amazing collection how major news sites looked every 30 minutes on November 4, 2008

  14. Less national Post

    The National Post continues to whither in relevance as a relevant newspaper in Canada

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